Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's Make Up Linden Rules Day!

So I've been in world quite a bit lately. Quite a bit. One of my dear real life friends has decided to join me, so I took her to a role playing sim. It quickly become a different sort of role play, with some unseen idiot voice spouting fake Linden laws.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[19:24] Fidgette Aeon: hello there
[19:24] Bedlamie Thunders: the voices!
[19:24] Bedlamie Thunders: they are in my head now!
[19:25] Fidgette Aeon: you have found and are present in Legacies Beyond Darkness hon a mature role play sim
[19:25] Fidgette Aeon: IM's are OOC here hon
[19:25] Bedlamie Thunders: im teasing sorry
[19:25] Fidgette Aeon: no worries
[19:25] Bedlamie Thunders: oh i know about the sim but im playing it like im clueless
[19:25] Fidgette Aeon: are the both of you at least 18 yrs of age?
[19:25] Bedlamie Thunders: ayep

[19:26] Fidgette Aeon: is your friends SL account at 30 days or older?
[19:26] Bedlamie Thunders: no but i can vouch for her
19:26] Bedlamie Thunders: being 80 million sl years myself
[19:26] Fidgette Aeon: i'm sorry i cannot accept your vouching hon no offense
[19:27] Fidgette Aeon: here each must 18 yrs of age rl and sl, with an sl account at least 30 days old or older please
[19:27] Fidgette Aeon: it is Linden Law hon
[19:27] Bedlamie Thunders: the 30 days part?
[19:27] Fidgette Aeon: all of the above
[19:29] Bedlamie Thunders: We are just looking around.
[19:29] Bedlamie Thunders: So! We will continue to do so!
[19:31] Fidgette Aeon: i would like to clarify with you somehting
[19:31] Fidgette Aeon: to be present onthis sim each must be 18 yrs rl and in sl ava/rp
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders rubs eyes
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: Ma'am
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: We are looking around
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: We are of age
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: WE arent pestering anyone
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: can we please do that?
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: or else
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: we will leave
[19:32] Fidgette Aeon: to role play here or wear a meter it is also Linden Lab law that your account is 30days old or older
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: and tell other people about this
[19:32] Bedlamie Thunders: linden law
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: does not say you have to be 30 days to play here
[19:33] Fidgette Aeon: you may remain here if your frined is 18 yrs old rl
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: I said we were!
[19:33] Fidgette Aeon: to participate here yes it is law
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: no linden law!
[19:33] Fidgette Aeon: then your frned needs to acknowlege my im please
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: She doesnt have to do squat!
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: we arent pestering anyone
[19:33] Bedlamie Thunders: your pestering us!
[19:34] Fidgette Aeon: then be well
[19:34] Bedlamie Thunders: you too!
[19:35] Fidgette Aeon: i am letting you know this IM is being archived with our Adminstration and shared with no one else.
[19:36] Bedlamie Thunders: Ill blog it!
[19:36] Bedlamie Thunders: share it with whoever you want, hon!
[19:37] Fidgette Aeon: please realize that all role play sims resemble each other yet each has its own way of doing things. here we abide by and support Linden Labs fully.

Now, mind you:

1) I acknowledged her question about our age and yet she still raved on and on about....

2) Linden Labs does not have a standing rule about 30 day avatars not being able to go to adult sims, at least none that I can find scouring the internets..and the sim itself had no sign saying it didn't want avatars under 30 days. It must have been hidden somewhere in the rules that I missed.

Also, what sort of policy is that? If someone new comes to your sim and is willing to play along, albet being new, why shouldn't they go there? And the crisis that sims are in right now, is turning away people who want to invest in your community such a good idea?

3) Don't call me hon.

I really hope the adminstor she shared this converstation laughed at her.