Thursday, December 11, 2008

Down for the Count


You have been thus warned.

Well see this lovely plate of food stuffs. Yeah, I ain't had really none of that for a week. I have been sick. Sick sick can't talk have to write on a piece of paper can't leave the bathroom sick. I miss food. Like meat food. Like chinese....

So basically this is all I have been doing. All day. Well, when I don't wake up and cough my guts out. One day, I woke up coughing and I thought someone had hired a beat down in the middle of the night so when I awoke I was surprised as I was hunched over crying and coughing. It was one of those shakes from Steak and Shake but not made of chocolate and strawberry no it was pain and suffering.

My poor computer has the flu too. Or the wrong video card. Or the hard drive is dying. Something.

But LilyDay, most precious of all God's fairy creatures, made me this hat. I love this hat. I j'tadore this hat. This hat makes me feel like one crazy happy cat gnome. She clearly knows my soul because she gave me a total of FOUR different kinds of chap stick which I tried all the same time. And a book to read and a book to write in, and a really cool charm bracelet. And a dozen or more origami boots to throw at people.

J'tadore LilyDay!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008