Saturday, November 29, 2008

Henri's Rez Day

Today is the esteemed Henri Godenot's Rez Day!

Fun Facts about Henri:

Henri is the first person I meet in New Tou. He was standing by the large block map and we chatted.

Henri lives somewhere on our grid.

Henri has nice hair.

Henri gave me pictures of moose and deer one day.

Henri has the best hellos in all of Second Life.

A Sight for Sore Eyes!



and Basil of course!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Where in the Grid is Carmen Sandiego?

I adored Carmen Sandiego. Everyday at five pm, I would sit down and watch the hell out of that show. I was pretty good at it too, you know you loved that theme song. You know it. Inspired by childhood memories, I went around in world and took some pictures.


Here is the theme song as sung by Rockapella


Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina,
She's a sticky-fingered filcher from Berlin down to Belize,
She'll take you for a ride on a slow boat to China,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Steal their Seoul in South Korea, make Antarctica cry Uncle,
From the Red Sea to Greenland they'll be singing the blues,
Well they never Arkansas her steal the Mekong from the jungle,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

She go from Nashville to Norway, Bonaire to Zimbabwe,
Chicago to Czechoslovakia and back!

Well she'll ransack Pakistan and run a scam in Scandinavia,
Then she'll stick 'em up Down Under and go pick-pocket Perth,
She put the Miss in misdemeanor when she stole the beans from Lima,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
Oh tell me where in the world is... Oh tell me where can she be?

Ooh, Botswana to Thailand, Milan via Amsterdam,
Mali to Bali, Ohio, Oahu...!

Well she glides around the globe and she'll flimflam every nation,
She's a double-dealing diva with a taste for thievery,
Her itinerary's loaded up with moving violations,

Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ZeFrank helps me out


My computer? Kinda broken.


Watch this video with ZeFrank!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long Black Veil

Ten years ago on a cold dark night
Someone was killed neath the town hall light
There were few at the scene but they all agreed
That the slayer who ran looked a lot like me
The judge he said son what is your alibi
If you were somewhere else then you won't have to die
I spoke not a word although it meant my life
For I had been in the arms of my best friend's wife

She walks these hills in a long black veil
She visits my grave when the night winds wail
Nobody knows nobody sees nobody knows but me

The scaffold was high and eternity was near
She stood in the crowd and shed not a tear
But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans
In the long black veil she cries o'er my bones
Yes she walks these hills in a long black veil...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

may my heart always be open to little

birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old

part of mr ee cummings poem

Forever and ever amen mr cummings!

Please read the following text to understand the mild ponderings that follow. Thank you!

[21:09] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Just a note for anyone in the Stormhold area. I came home to find tamara1 Diavolo ( a newbie) asleep in my house. Since she refused to respond, I ejected and banned her. She is, however, still in the area.
[21:09] Emilly Orr: You found her asleep in your house? That's new.
[21:09] Mari Moonbeam: asleep-no not new ALONE --that's new
[21:09] Charlene Trudeau: fell asleep real life? so banned she's probably still in the anim and who knows where nearby :)
[21:09] Jasmine Kappler: is her name goldilocks
[21:10] Kortelon Swindlehurst: No, tamara1.
[21:10] Charlene Trudeau: I'll wander by and send her home in a few if I get a chance
[21:10] Kortelon Swindlehurst: She awoke to find my sister, an Avilion ranger, standing over her with a bow.
[21:10] Kalisten VanDornan still chuckles at teh goldilocks joke.
[21:10] Charlene Trudeau: she was joking, Kortelon.... you know goldilocks and the three bears?
[21:10] Emilly Orr: Diavolo seems an ill-luck name, that's the third report I've heard from people.
[21:10] Sascha Vayandar gets out the majik markers
[21:10] Emilly Orr: HEE
[21:10] Emilly Orr: Oh, that's gorgeous.
[21:10] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Or at least she stood up.
[21:10] Emilly Orr: I'm sure!
[21:10] Bedlamie Thunders: you banned her for falling asleep in your house?
[21:11] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Sister wanted me to turn on damage so sister could shoot her.
[21:11] Mari Moonbeam: one of her groups is "real Dream"
[21:11] Emilly Orr: She is apparently Italian...and very boring.
[21:11] Kortelon Swindlehurst: She came in without permission, and refused to respond.
[21:11] Jasmine Kappler: probably has narcolepsy have pity
[21:11] Emilly Orr: True, in any language, someone speaking to you means answer them
[21:12] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Ah well, she'll figure things out soon.
[21:12] Kortelon Swindlehurst: I figured banning was better than turning my sister loose.
[21:12] Mari Moonbeam: I found a bottom naked French girl on a friends deck and she would not leave--BUT a photo did get him to return to SL for a while --to wait I guess
[21:12] Kalisten VanDornan: Well, if you needed the bed, you needed the bed...
[21:12] Magdalena Kamenev: I know some Italians (well, Sardinians) on SL ... they are not so rude ...
[21:12] Emilly Orr: I would have turned your sister loose. :)
[21:13] Bedlamie Thunders: Im just suprised at a an on a ban on not responding
[21:13] Kalisten VanDornan tests his bow-string. "Plink!" "Ooooh, yes."
[21:13] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Oops, missed the goldilocks reference while watching sister.
[21:13] Mari Moonbeam: I had a peeking Tom who would not respond or leave
[21:13] Mari Moonbeam: after the ban -came back twice
[21:13] Emilly Orr: Oh, I've banned for not responding. I ask once in IM; once in person; if I'm generous, I'll freeze and ask; if nothing, then they bounce.
[21:14] Kalisten VanDornan: If you cage e'm on your own land, you can still get in trouble for griefing, is that right?
[21:15] Hypatia Callisto does not understand peeping toms in sl, with all the porn sites online
[21:15] Emilly Orr: I don't cage. I bounce.
[21:15] Emilly Orr: Though if they're especially rude, I do set on fire.
[21:15] Mari Moonbeam: I don't mute-figure they may havea story to tell
[21:15] Hypatia Callisto: I can only figure they are griefing
[21:15] Kortelon Swindlehurst: Miss Orr, we think alike. :) I even asked once in Italian with the simolic translator.
[21:15] Kortelon Swindlehurst: simbolic
[21:15] Emilly Orr: See? You did all that you could.
[21:15] Kalisten VanDornan laughs, imagining the flames. "ooooh, toasty warm."
[21:15] Magdalena Kamenev: Caging is against the ToS, even with cause?
[21:15] Mari Moonbeam: yes--its unwlecomed restaint
[21:16] Emilly Orr: Using any griefing tool, even against griefers, is, yes.
[21:16] Kalisten VanDornan: Ah. I see.

That snippet from Caledon chat caught my eye.

Now the land is Miss Kortelon Swindlehurst's land. Far be it from me to tell her what to do with it, but something about that seems harsh.

Lets look at it again shall we?

Miss Orr had a good point with, "True, in any language, someone speaking to you means answer them" but ....

Well if I was banned from the number of times I didn't say hello or respond or was fiddling with something or reading a profile or looking for THE PERFECT HAIR or the phone rang or I was merely thinking of a reply clever and witty enough to impress someone then well I doubt I would have very many places to roam.

Now if the girl was flashing her lady bits about or spamming chat or had clearly stumbled upon what was to be a private moment then that I can understand. I cannot say that is not for sure what happened since I was not there but from what was gleaned from chat to my knowledge is that the girl:

Merely walked in and fell asleep
Was a newbie
Merely did not respond

Clearly she was a monster that needed dealt with!

but Herr Baron who I truly think is just peaches summed it up best:

[21:22] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I keep telling people that Caledonians are scary.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Throgg of Hammerstian

Meet Throgg and Throgmein

Hardy Jolly Vikings are they!

With weapons strange and unusual.

A good bit of rest for such a lumber some man.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Game Hunting

Hello ya'll! Look at my fancy viking hat! I model it for you in a room filled with many purple couches!

Anyhoo, on to important things! I am going big game hunting today. Not for regular whale ish animals, but the most dangerous animal of all.

High Avatar Resource Cost Using Freebie Stalkers.

Stats on these cougars:

1. Sharp Prim nails used for cutting bone like a hacksaw
2. Massive hair that helps insulate them for when they hibernate next to a Lucky Chair
3. Heavy Tan and Make up used to help them blend into their surroundings
4.Short garments , kept short to show genitalia during mating season

In this here picture, I am using 1200 ARC. That means that yeah, I am bogging down the system quite a bit. But you know I've been ARC watching all day and that's about average for most decent avatars. I bet if I took off the scripted gun, it would be below 1000.

Also, like a true hunter, I had to dress myself in the manor befitting the situation. If I came in there all low prim and snapping pictures, they would spook easy and scamper. Think of all those extra prims like how hunters use deer pee.

Talking with Coronal Blackburn, apparently 3000 and 5000 are like the mountain lions. Sometimes SOMETIMES you find a very rare 10000 tiger.

Well my friends, I think I caught me a liger.

I have no idea what she was wearing beside that fluff to set her well above and beyond 10000 but kudos.

No, no don't fret. I let her go in peace. That could be her winter coat starting to grow and this is around the time prim babies need their parents most. No, it's better to let this rare and precious creature go.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Roleplaying

I had this idea the other day while talking to Gywnn and I am still really excited about it. The problem is that not all my ideas are often ...sound. It's usually I dream much too big for the circumstance and then when confronted with actual conflicts I give a large sigh of,"Meh" and move on.

I was thinking of setting up a group that did random role playing.

Hear me out.

Second life is too vast, too interesting to chain myself to one role play or one role play. Also, I am sick of going to role play sims with a gazillion back stories that I feel only serve to alienate me.
(also I hate reading lots of and lots of note cards. I would not complain about an upgrade to the note cards or at least a nicer layout for longer reads. Book note cards sadly make my eyes bleed.)

Now I don't want to be picking on role play sims, they do a fine thing and the people who play and maintain them work really really hard. Sometimes though, inspiration for a really good story comes out because of a neat sim or a new release.

Also there is the problem with people and time zones. Constantly having to wait on other people in different time zones for sake of story plot can be irksome. It also allows for people to shift roles (I just spelled rolls it is getting closer to Thanksgiving and I'm running on 5 hours sleep for two days).

I guess an easier way to explain is I think we need something that is akin to the differences between a series of novels and a short story. A group that would either sporadically message its members about some sort of roleplay going on or have small small stories that people could sign up for. People show in costume and just wing it. This would be for people who want to interact with other people in a role playing situation that is not a legal and binding partnership. I can hear the snarky, "Well isn't that what Babbage and Caledon are for?"

I think it could be done and be fun. And with the new scribomatic dohicky being free to groups under 100 people, well that helps with people who are hesitant to leave a precious group. I understand that. You cannot CANNOT delete Silent Sparrow, and I have four FOUR library groups. Then again subscribomatic is a magic thing I don't quite know everything about so I'm not sure what it does besides give me stuff.

But seriously, I'd need a much cooler group name.

Okie so here is how it would go in case its confusing:

Lets say....Me Cato and Gwynn are in Roma. Being all roman and stuff. Well lets say that we think it would be fun to interact with because I'm tired as all hell and can't remember who the Romans had beef with which is sad sad sad but let's say....aliens...we could send out a memo to the group saying," Hey! We are doing this sort of thing! Here is a landmark if you are interested!" or "IM so and so telling them who you are playing!" so people can bump into each other and what not!

Or we could always arrange for small minseries ish role plays. Sign up for a character and meet at area at time in costume. We play for about two hours and then pick up another day. Maybe three ish parts?

Russian Role Play Roulette. Ha! I'm going to shower and melt in bed.

Lazy Post

inside your head i'm looking out
you'll see i'm a sorry little boy
so scared
well well i'm afraid that i'm gonna give you more than you can take then you'll never sleep here again
my Justine
hold me tight i'm fighting with my mind

too late myself and count instead i want you to hold me now
avoid the steps i've done before the closing my 7 years i wonder how it emptied my core
i know for sure i never felt this way like ever before
now i'm moving towards an all time low
my Justine
hold me tight i'm fighting with my mind

Soup: My Justine

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fallen Star

[15:13] Bedlamie Thunders: your highness!
[15:14] Bedlamie Thunders: We must be wary
[15:14] Bedlamie Thunders: These lands contain many dangers to a Lady of your rank
[15:14] Bedlamie Thunders scans the horizon carefully
[15:14] Gwynn Blackburn: I have heard of elder spirits stealing the souls of the ill-prepared. It's only peasant talk, but it speaks to a deeper unrest.
[15:15] Bedlamie Thunders nods at the wisdom in those words
[15:17] Bedlamie Thunders: We may need to forge the river... To walk around would cost us time
[15:17] Bedlamie Thunders kneels
[15:17] Bedlamie Thunders: I shall carry you?
[15:17] Bedlamie Thunders: oh but a land bridge!
[15:17] Bedlamie Thunders hacks at the grass with her sword as she goes
[15:18] Bedlamie Thunders: We must be careful for vipers and snakes in this land
[15:18] Gwynn Blackburn walks along mincingly, her steps swifter than usual in deference to the haste that needs be shown.
[15:19] Bedlamie Thunders: An inn! Finally!
[15:19] Bedlamie Thunders wipes at her brow with her scarf
[15:20] Gwynn Blackburn holds her skirts up to be sure she doesn't stumble on the wet marsh.
[15:21] Gwynn Blackburn: Tell me... that abode over there. Friend or foe, do you think?
[15:22] Gwynn Blackburn: Are there any whom we can still trust?
[15:22] Bedlamie Thunders kicks at her boots and knocks the mud from them
[15:22] Gwynn Blackburn stays a good distance behind her protector, staying wary.
[15:22] Bedlamie Thunders: That, your Highness, is ever shifting
[15:23] Bedlamie Thunders: It is abandoned....
[15:23] Bedlamie Thunders observes dryly
[15:23] Gwynn Blackburn: What luck for us, then.
[15:23] Gwynn Blackburn: I would hate to see your blade darkened this early in our journey.
[15:24] Bedlamie Thunders pulls a small crystal out of her pouch and wraps it into a leather holder
[15:24] Bedlamie Thunders peers along the way
[15:24] Bedlamie Thunders in agreement
[15:25] Gwynn Blackburn stands still and silent, hands crossed petitely behind her.
[15:26] Gwynn Blackburn: What sees the crystal eye of heaven?
[15:27] Bedlamie Thunders: There appears to be a small shrine to your Highness and her ancient ancestor Amaterasu
[15:27] Bedlamie Thunders: And to the left
[15:27] Bedlamie Thunders frowns under her cowl
[15:27] Bedlamie Thunders: One for your Highness's great uncle Tsukuyomi god of destruction and storms
[15:28] Bedlamie Thunders looks to her Highness for insight on why they would be so close to each other
[15:28] Bedlamie Thunders puts her crystal away
[15:29] Gwynn Blackburn: I cannot imagine why one would worship both I and my uncle in the same space. It can only be a ploy. One of the shrines is meant to bring me here, and the other my uncle's followers. But which is the ploy, and what is the purpose behind it all?
[15:31] Bedlamie Thunders regards her Highness coolly
[15:32] Bedlamie Thunders: I do not know your Highness It is not stradgey I would employ myself
[15:33] Bedlamie Thunders: This place has not been disturbed for at least three days
[15:33] Gwynn Blackburn: And yet here you are, hitched to a falling star like myself. We must think like the enemy, Bedlamie, if we are to have any options in ridding ourselves of them.
[15:33] Bedlamie Thunders motions to the ground and the dust

[15:34] Bedlamie Thunders: let us sit and take ration why we can
[15:34] Gwynn Blackburn: A good idea, my faithful companion. We shall see what new insights the evening brings us.
[15:35] Bedlamie Thunders sets down a kettle and contraption that allows her to boil some water
[15:36] Bedlamie Thunders unwraps hard cookies and gives some to her Highness
[15:37] Gwynn Blackburn nibbles lightly on a cookie, eyes outward toward the foliage below them. After swallowing, she narrows her eyes and proclaims, "No matter their strategy, we go in with blades drawn. If they are on our side, they will understand. If, however, they are for my uncle..." her tone darkens.
[15:37] Bedlamie Thunders drinks from the mug and listens
[15:38] Bedlamie Thunders nods eyes becoming slits
[15:40] Bedlamie Thunders inhales the steam letting her nostrials flare," What we need to do is get you back to the palace. I fear the further we take you in these lands the less even I can protect you."
[15:41] Gwynn Blackburn warms her hands on the cup, and her lips curve into a smile. "If the goddess Amaterasu my grandmother cannot protect me of all people, what hope do the common people have? No, we will press on."
[15:42] Bedlamie Thunders finishes the meager rations and begins to pack up
[15:44] Bedlamie Thunders inclines her head in the utmost respect," When you are ready, your Highness"
[15:45] Gwynn Blackburn finishes her rations more slowly, a thoughtful expression on her face. She does not, of course, help pack up, but continues to look out toward the marsh. At long last she nods, perhaps reluctantly, and stands. "Let us be off, then."
[15:47] Bedlamie Thunders: Which shrine to start with, your Highness?
[15:47] Gwynn Blackburn: We shall destroy my uncle's shrine. If it is false, we know we are safe. It it is real, then our enemies will fear us.
[15:48] Bedlamie Thunders nods
[15:48] Gwynn Blackburn: For who but a powerful being would dare do such a thing?
[15:48] Bedlamie Thunders pulls out a small piece of fireworks
[15:48] Bedlamie Thunders holds it to her Highness
[15:48] Bedlamie Thunders: Please bless it
[15:48] Bedlamie Thunders: and I shall set the rest
[15:50] Gwynn Blackburn bows her head and says a brief prayer, then lifts her eyes to the heavens and throws her hands up, as though tossing doves into the air. She returns the fireworks to her servant then, nodding grimly. "Do what must be done."
[15:51] Bedlamie Thunders looks the shrine taking an inventory of weak spots and slowly creeps over the rocks
[15:52] Bedlamie Thunders after a moment of setting up the explosive and adjusting a wick
[15:52] Bedlamie Thunders careful lights it and walks back calmly
[15:53] Bedlamie Thunders watches the inner domino affect begin the interior shrine completely damaged and ruined
[15:54] Gwynn Blackburn watches not the shrine, but the ground beneath her, prepared in case her uncle should come to rain destruction upon them.
[15:55] Bedlamie Thunders looks to her Highness serious and somber," What's done is done."
[15:57] Gwynn Blackburn says wryly, "Tell that to my uncle." Despite the wry expression, she manages to look fairly solemn.
[16:02] Bedlamie Thunders shivers despite her heavy amour and suddenly scans the country side

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Part Three: Where Mark dresses like Santa and fixes Lily's Brain

[2:11] Bedlamie Thunders: LILY GUARD THE SAFE!
[2:11] LilyDay Darkstone stands guard!
[2:12] Bedlamie Thunders: Stand back or Ill Ill cast a very ineffective spell on you trevor!
[2:12] Bedlamie Thunders holds her wand out menacingly
[2:12] Mark Montgolfier: It's a little bit early in the day for shrieking practice, wouldn't you say Ms Thunders?
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone: what's all this ... ----
[2:13] Bedlamie Thunders: Oh no no tricking us again!
[2:13] Mark Montgolfier: Also there appears to be a small herbivore gnawing through to the centre of the earth.
[2:13] Mark Montgolfier: On my lawn.
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone hears birds and .... stuff.
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone hears the sappy love music they play in the cartoons.
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone holds her head and shrieks!
[2:13] Bedlamie Thunders peers
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone: what have you done to me bedders!
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone: BEE!
[2:13] LilyDay Darkstone: that's MARK!
[2:13] Bedlamie Thunders: I dont think its....huh?
[2:14] Mark Montgolfier: Has someone hidden a radio in Ms Darkstone's scarf?
[2:14] Bedlamie Thunders: Is it?
[2:14] LilyDay Darkstone: this isn't right!
[2:14] Bedlamie Thunders: Oh boy
[2:14] LilyDay Darkstone dies
[2:14] LilyDay Darkstone: for a moment.
[2:14] LilyDay Darkstone: reverse reverse it!
[2:14] Bedlamie Thunders: I accidentally cast a love spell on her. She fell in love with the first boy and your it padre!
[2:14] Bedlamie Thunders: IT DOESN'T HAVE THAT BUTTON!
[2:14] Bedlamie Thunders shakes it terrified
[2:15] LilyDay Darkstone: oh, Mark.
[2:15] Mark Montgolfier is bemused. "If I had a sign on which someone had written 'bemused' then I would be holding it up."
[2:15] Bedlamie Thunders: See I found this wand
[2:15] LilyDay Darkstone: oh, Mark.. you look ever so dashing today
[2:15] LilyDay Darkstone: *blushes*
[2:15] Bedlamie Thunders: Oh god
[2:15] Mark Montgolfier doesn't, although he has a small bronze paperwork in the shape of a --
[2:15] LilyDay Darkstone kicks at the ground and sways.
[2:15] Mark Montgolfier: One moment.
[2:15] Bedlamie Thunders: it's started
[2:15] LilyDay Darkstone looks at the ground.
[2:15] Mark Montgolfier: I must pause to make sure I haven't logged into Twilight Zone SL.
[2:16] Bedlamie Thunders: maybe my other wands?
[2:16] Bedlamie Thunders: yes?
[2:16] LilyDay Darkstone: do you think that...
[2:16] LilyDay Darkstone: you might show me "the sights" later on?
[2:16] LilyDay Darkstone blinks sweetly.
[2:16] Avalon Black Fairy Wings 4.0 whispers: LilyDay flutters her wings in a flirtatious manner.
[2:16] Mark Montgolfier: Has the wand damaged her eyesight?
[2:17] Bedlamie Thunders: No shes just in love with you
[2:17] LilyDay Darkstone giggles maniacally!
[2:17] Bedlamie Thunders: Maybe this will fix it
[2:17] LilyDay Darkstone: you're sooo funny!
[2:17] LilyDay Darkstone giggles and giggles.
[2:17] Bedlamie Thunders: hold still
[2:17] Bedlamie Thunders: this will only hurt for I assume a minute
[2:17] Mark Montgolfier: Well, it amounts to much the same -- violence never cured anything! Although in this case I'm willing to allow an exception.

[2:17] Bedlamie Thunders: Are you better?
[2:17] LilyDay Darkstone: i think i have some cookies in my pocket... would you like one, mark?
[2:18] Bedlamie Thunders: not the cookie in the pocket line!
[2:18] Mark Montgolfier:, what a comfortable little beast this is.
[2:18] Bedlamie Thunders: this is serious!
[2:18] LilyDay Darkstone blushes.
[2:18] LilyDay Darkstone powders her face.
[2:18] LilyDay Darkstone: doesn't mark look lovely tonight, bee?
[2:18] LilyDay Darkstone sighs girlie.
[2:18] Bedlamie Thunders: Smashing now let me conk you over the head with this heavy staff!
[2:19] LilyDay Darkstone: what a lovely staff!
[2:19] LilyDay Darkstone: i hope it doesn't give me infection!
[2:19] Mark Montgolfier: This is why I never meddle with sorcery and the ruinous powers of darkness.
[2:19] Bedlamie Thunders: staff infection!
[2:19] Mark Montgolfier observes, sanctimoniously.
[2:19] Bedlamie Thunders: good one lily!
[2:19] LilyDay Darkstone covers mouth. not very
[2:19] Bedlamie Thunders: Well mr know it all!
[2:19] Bedlamie Thunders: you fix her!
[2:19] Mark Montgolfier accepted your inventory offer.
[2:19] Bedlamie Thunders crosses her arms
[2:20] Bedlamie Thunders motions to the broken lily
[2:20] LilyDay Darkstone feels full of flowers
[2:20] LilyDay Darkstone hears sweet, sweet music.
[2:20] LilyDay Darkstone: a bit like the sound of music...
[2:20] LilyDay Darkstone: but sweeter.
[2:21] Avalon Black Fairy Wings 4.0 whispers: LilyDay bats at Mark playfully with her wings.
[2:21] Mark Montgolfier waves his arms around unconvincingly.
[2:21] Mark Montgolfier: Er.
[2:21] Bedlamie Thunders looks to Mark helplessly
[2:21] LilyDay Darkstone: oh, mark....i shall write you poetry
[2:21] Mark Montgolfier: Zim sala bim.
[2:21] Mark Montgolfier: And, er, so forth.
[2:21] LilyDay Darkstone: *clears throat*
[2:21] LilyDay Darkstone: no, wait. i can't do that.
[2:21] LilyDay Darkstone: you're far too lovely for words.
[2:21] Mark Montgolfier: By Um Bongo and , er, Wossisface the Thingmy I do abjure thee and that sort of thing.
[2:22] Mark Montgolfier: this working at all?
[2:22] LilyDay Darkstone clasps her hands together at her chest and looks at you all starry-eyed.
[2:22] Bedlamie Thunders: how do you feel?
[2:22] LilyDay Darkstone: *whispers*
[2:22] LilyDay Darkstone: do you want to be the maid-of-honour, bee?
[2:22] Bedlamie Thunders leans in
[2:22] Bedlamie Thunders: what?
[2:22] Mark Montgolfier: This is clearly the fault of your defective magic stick. AGAIN.
[2:23] Mark Montgolfier pauses to go through his own line of sorcerous bric-a-brac.
[2:23] Bedlamie Thunders turns all sorts of pale
[2:23] Bedlamie Thunders: Wa?
[2:23] Bedlamie Thunders: But thats the dynamic ! I break stuff you fix it!
[2:23] LilyDay Darkstone moves in closer to mark
[2:23] Bedlamie Thunders points to lily's brain
[2:23] LilyDay Darkstone: uncomfortably close
[2:24] LilyDay Darkstone: why, mark...
[2:24] LilyDay Darkstone: you smell of a lovely spring day.
[2:24] Mark Montgolfier: Keep back! Your rolling pin's dripping on my shirt!
[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: we have to fix her!
[2:24] Mark Montgolfier: Quick!
[2:24] Mark Montgolfier: Act like me!
[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: we need
[2:24] Mark Montgolfier: Distract her while I find out where my wizard hat went.

[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: ......
[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: okie
[2:24] LilyDay Darkstone: he's such a lovely man
[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: Hey lily let plan the wedding!
[2:24] LilyDay Darkstone: lovely lovely lovely
[2:24] Bedlamie Thunders: he is!
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: yes yes!
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: i think it should be blue
[2:25] Bedlamie Thunders: what?
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: and you can wear whatever you like
[2:25] Bedlamie Thunders: what should be blue?
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: the wedding
[2:25] Bedlamie Thunders: but what part?
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: and flowers everywhere
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: and outside
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: everything
[2:25] LilyDay Darkstone: *blinks*
[2:25] Bedlamie Thunders looks back nervously,"yeah everything is gonna be blue"
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: i feel funny in my brain
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: Blue?
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: How odd.
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: it's like... swizzly
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: I'm seeing RED.
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: red?
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: i do love red
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: whatever you prefer, dear.
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: me!
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: I'm just a mouse in the skirting board.
[2:26] Bedlamie Thunders looks at her wand
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: Squeak, etcetera.
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: then i suppose it'll be red, then.
[2:26] Mark Montgolfier: Goodness, where did I put my cheese, and that kind of thing.
[2:26] Bedlamie Thunders: Okie red
[2:26] Bedlamie Thunders: red everything!
[2:26] LilyDay Darkstone: oh, dear, i have some cheese
[2:27] LilyDay Darkstone: do you need cheese?
[2:27] LilyDay Darkstone: where did he get off to?
[2:27] Bedlamie Thunders says from between her teeth," Mark not helping here"
[2:27] Bedlamie Thunders puts out her hands
[2:27] Bedlamie Thunders: dont worry!
[2:27] Bedlamie Thunders: tell me more about Mark
[2:27] LilyDay Darkstone: oh! one moment!
[2:28] Bedlamie Thunders: picked out children's names?
[2:28] Mark Montgolfier: Take that!
[2:28] Bedlamie Thunders looks in the house perplexed
[2:28] Mark Montgolfier: Well, that wasn't everything I'd hoped for.
[2:29] Bedlamie Thunders: You okie in there?

[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders: Ah!
[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders: Sant?
[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders: Santa even?
[2:30] Mark Montgolfier: Right. Now. According to the various tomes of eldritch something or other I've just pored over - and I did clean it up, fear not - these -- what?
[2:30] Mark Montgolfier: Santa?
[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders: Nothing
[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders: I said nothing
[2:31] Mark Montgolfier: What in the name of Merlin's Crystal Cabana are you talking about?
[2:31] Bedlamie Thunders looks to the left
[2:31] Mark Montgolfier: ANYWAY.
[2:31] Bedlamie Thunders: umm what were YOU talking about?
[2:31] Mark Montgolfier: As I was saying, before Mystic Meg here decided to chime in, this --
[2:31] Mark Montgolfier: I'm trying to incant! Will you stop babbling in my shell-like?
[2:32] Bedlamie Thunders mums up
[2:32] Mark Montgolfier: No wonder all your mystic interventions lead to naught but disaster and disarray!
[2:32] Mark Montgolfier: Goodness!
[2:32] Mark Montgolfier: The slightest interruption could prove seven delicious flavours of fatal, you know.
[2:32] Mark Montgolfier: And when I say 'delicious' I mean 'heart-freezing.'
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier clears his throat.
[2:33] Bedlamie Thunders bats incantation away from her face
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier takes a deep breath.
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier raises his hands high above his head, though no higher than that height permitted by the length of his arms.
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier: Hubble bubble, toil and...
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier: ...toil and...
[2:33] Bedlamie Thunders does so as well
[2:33] Mark Montgolfier:
[2:34] Mark Montgolfier mutters, "Line!"
[2:34] LilyDay Darkstone: trouble?
[2:34] Bedlamie Thunders: Trouble!
[2:34] Mark Montgolfier: Hubble, bubble! Toil and trouble? Trouble!
[2:34] Mark Montgolfier: Get rid of this spell, on the double!
[2:34] LilyDay Darkstone shakes her head
[2:34] Mark Montgolfier bursts the bubbles with a mystic flourish and a large pin.
[2:34] LilyDay Darkstone: mark? why do you look like Santa?
[2:35] Bedlamie Thunders: HUZZAH SHES BACK!
[2:35] Bedlamie Thunders: you did it M!
[2:35] Mark Montgolfier: The premise of that question is so astoundingly wrong it would require years of reeducation before I could get around to actually answering it.
[2:35] Bedlamie Thunders: you do look like Santa

Le Fin!


Part Two: Bedders Decided to Dabble in the Dark Arts

[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: offline!
[2:04] Bedlamie Thunders: hes gone!
[2:05] Bedlamie Thunders: okie who do you
[2:05] LilyDay Darkstone: you silly!
[2:05] Bedlamie Thunders: no i mean love love?
[2:05] LilyDay Darkstone: *blushes*
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders buries her face and wave the wand
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: okie first boy you see
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: your gonna fall in love with
[2:06] LilyDay Darkstone: AIE!

[2:06] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis

[2:06] LilyDay Darkstone: is that a good idea?
[2:06] LilyDay Darkstone: oh dear
[2:06] LilyDay Darkstone blinks sweetly

[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: you know i dont think
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: i do
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: i do lily
[2:06] Bedlamie Thunders: i do
[2:07] LilyDay Darkstone: okie

Hubble Bubble

Part One: In Which Trevor is Enchanted by Gardening Utensils

[1:56] LilyDay Darkstone: bee!
[1:56] Mark Montgolfier: If Lily there can stop launching herself onto her back every five and a half seconds.
[1:56] LilyDay Darkstone: *whispers*
[1:56] Bedlamie Thunders: Also we should show lily the organ!
[1:56] Bedlamie Thunders whispers back
[1:56] Bedlamie Thunders: hmm?
[1:56] LilyDay Darkstone: it's my love !
[1:56] LilyDay Darkstone: *whispers*
[1:56] Bedlamie Thunders: NOOOOO
[1:57] Bedlamie Thunders: we have to stop him!
[1:57] Bedlamie Thunders: ill tp ya!
[1:57] LilyDay Darkstone: RUN!
[1:57] LilyDay Darkstone shouts: RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!
[1:57] Bedlamie Thunders: Hold it mister!
[1:57] Bedlamie Thunders: AH!
[1:58] Mark Montgolfier: What are you raving about?
[1:58] Mark Montgolfier: Open up the safe, Bookkeeper!

[1:58] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Wand Ready. Type /11 list for a list of spells in your wand Use channel 11

[1:58] Bedlamie Thunders: alright wand

[1:58] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[1:58] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[1:58] Bedlamie Thunders: Well
[1:58] Bedlamie Thunders: that was useless
[1:58] Mark Montgolfier: A hail of kippers?
[1:59] Mark Montgolfier: A rain of plums?

[1:59] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged

[1:59] Bedlamie Thunders: I think it was a love spell? I dunno i got it at the flea market
[1:59] Bedlamie Thunders: let me try again!
[1:59] Mark Montgolfier: I'm already IN New Toulouse! Never mind books, you need an atlas!
[1:59] LilyDay Darkstone: i think... that...

[1:59] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[1:59] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: I cant open the safe!
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier hasn't got time for this messing about.
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier has a schedule to keep and a lock to -- what?
[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: Only you can!
[2:00] LilyDay Darkstone has a bloody rolling pin.
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier: And I have a bloody great pickaxe.
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier WINS.

[2:00] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged

[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: Careful he has a pickaxe
[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: alright!
[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: one more time

[2:00] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[2:00] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[2:00] Bedlamie Thunders: Well thats no good
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier is utterly immune to magic spells, you idiotic...
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier: of...
[2:00] Mark Montgolfier: ...unbearable beauty...
[2:01] Mark Montgolfier: blind I've been!
[2:01] Bedlamie Thunders cheers!
[2:01] Avalon Black Fairy Wings 4.0 whispers: LilyDay bats at Mark playfully with her wings.
[2:01] Mark Montgolfier: Pickaxe!
[2:01] Mark Montgolfier: Such beauty!

[2:01] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged

[2:01] Mark Montgolfier: All this time, trapped in my inventory!
[2:01] Avalon Black Fairy Wings 4.0 whispers: LilyDay flutters her wings and releases an intoxicating scent.
[2:01] Bedlamie Thunders: wait no!

[2:01] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[2:01] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[2:01] Mark Montgolfier whispers: Never brought into the light! Where the sun gleams so enchantingly on your delicately curving blade!
[2:01] Bedlamie Thunders: I'm going to keep zapping him till he sees you lily!
[2:01] LilyDay Darkstone blushes and covers her ears
[2:01] Avalon Black Fairy Wings 4.0 whispers: LilyDay flutters her wings in a flirtatious manner.
[2:02] LilyDay Darkstone: i knew it!
[2:02] LilyDay Darkstone: i've known all along, Trevor!

[2:02] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged

[2:02] Mark Montgolfier falls to his knees before Lily. "What have I been saying? What nonsense have I uttered?"
[2:02] LilyDay Darkstone: your love for the pickaxe...
[2:02] Mark Montgolfier: Only you! I only have eyes for you!
[2:02] Mark Montgolfier: Rolling Pin of my heart!
[2:02] LilyDay Darkstone crosses her arms and looks away.

[2:02] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[2:02] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[2:02] Bedlamie Thunders: Alright
[2:02] Bedlamie Thunders: again!
[2:03] LilyDay Darkstone pouts as only a short faerie can.
[2:03] Mark Montgolfier loves thee, Jam Reserves!

[2:03] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Sorry but I Couldn't find 'mark'

[2:03] Mark Montgolfier: I won't let this metal box keep us apart!
[2:03] LilyDay Darkstone readies for the attack.

[2:03] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged
[2:03] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1 Casts Imber Cordis
[2:03] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: You need to recharge to cast this spell again. You feel you will be ready to cast again in about 40 seconds

[2:03] LilyDay Darkstone: oh, that's a very lovely sign.
[2:03] LilyDay Darkstone mentions.
[2:04] Bedlamie Thunders: Quick we need mark!
[2:04] Bedlamie Thunders: how can we get mark
[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: wait...
[2:04] Bedlamie Thunders: I know!
[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: i have ..
[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: the magick

[2:04] Spellbound Animations Practice Wand v1.1: Your Imber Cordis spell has been recharged

[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark mr mark
[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: !
[2:04] LilyDay Darkstone: 10 times!
[2:04] Mark Montgolfier is Offline

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Rez Day Gwynn!

Today is the rez day of the oh so pretty and deadly Gwynn Blackburn.
So first we went to Lico Lico and went shopping. Lico Lico is so large we were done not even a forth of the way through. We then went back to her house to look at her kitty. While she showed off Mirim's awesomeness, I showed her my new for ladies Dr. Who outfit which resulted in me morphing into a pretty good likeness for the tenth doctor.

I love how your train of thought in secondlife is not hindered by time or space or most laws of physics.

We decided to go look at kitties because I HAD TO HAVE ONE when we saw a pregnant woman perusing them. As a doctor, I felt inclined to tell her information on her choice of purchase today.

[15:10] You: Madam!
[15:10] You: Hello!
[15:11] You: Are you thinking of purchasing a cat day?
[15:11] You: today?
[15:11] You: It might be best to buy it after the child is born! Kittie litter is very bad for those expecting
[15:11] You: I should know
[15:11] You: I'm a doctor
[15:11] Bedlamie Thunders smiles politely
[15:12] Gwynn Blackburn: You are so bad.
[15:12] You: What did I say?
[15:12] Gwynn Blackburn: Words!
[15:12] Bedlamie Thunders looks preplexed

She stormed off in a huff but returned to point me out to some large bouncer ish man. We hoofed it quickly after that, kitty in tow.

Here she is pointing me out.

Isn't Gwynn adorable? AND SHE DRESSED AS ROSE!

We visited Rivet City in hopes of showing off our avatars and engaging in some neat conversations with people but the lag from the highly detailed sim was something to be seen.
Gwynn left to do magic things so I went home to put Pete out in his new home.

Pete ain't even five minutes out of that box with holes in it and he is into the flowers. How very much like his namesake.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.

Cato took me to a Star Trek sim! I am in New Generation clothes, He is in classic command! I GOT TO BE A VULCAN! I was very excited then unemotional all at once.

She seems out of uniform but she sure was a good sport when Cato was half man/ half Elder God. Her AO was something to be seen.

Using my Vulcan logic, I deduced that Cato was improving it. I think I caught him making a beeping sound out of the side of his mouth once.

Off into the future!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I'm traveling by way of chocobo around the sim that plays host to one of the best SL shops ever, Curio something you know the one. The one with the robot skins. I know you know. I took you there once. Also note, these chocobo stop every ten seconds for 70 seconds to pick up passengers. How long will it take for the train to get to Caledon? Do that math.

Then I saw:

This woman. She made that sparkle override thing that stops me from getting a proper picture when she types . She was very nice and I guess that this was her island. In her shop was a free wand that I need someone to a spell out on.

Well this sim has some neat little hidden things. I was going to make a snarky comment about them having a gazebo and like who doesn't but they did have the nicest fountain I've ever seen in SL AND this swing! It was actually a very nice swing.

Then on a whim I went to Silent Sparrow and worried I was going to be the most under dressed person.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's time to clean our closets!

Real and Metaphorically.

Yes I sorted that mother!

Also I got find out that Obama is president with almost all my favorite people present!
Couldn't be happier!

Here enjoy this song!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Salt Lake Queen

In a prehistoric dried-up lake,
A million years after the last earthquake,
There lived a little girl who loved to bake.
The only thing she made was cake.
But all she used was salt.
That's all she had. It's not her fault.
Saline, the salt lake queen
She used a rudimental substance for
An ingredient that she could pour
Into a chalice she carved out of stone.
Her only friend, it was a big black crow

That flew with love.
He would fly high above.
Then look back at her below.

Oh Saline
Only seventeen.
Swollen up with pride.

Oh Saline
Under desert skies.
She's a bromide.

She makes green fire in a tunnel of thorns,
And she's got yellow eyes.
She cook alone amid a brutal ruin.
It's hard to tell exactly what she's doin.

An incantation, then the crow flew in.
And then she took a taste.
The black crow looked into her face
Saline the salt lake queen.

Rasputina Saline the Salt Lake Queen