Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bedder's Halloween Costume

Inspired by this brave woman, I wanna be a very polite vampire.

Warning: PG 13 for Language

All Hallows Day

So this is me about almost exactly a year ago. Lets see, this is in Tanglewood with Ellis while sitting on some mushrooms. I remember Tom the Turkey being a big thrill of Tanglewood trips.

Most people on secondlife look forward to their rezday as their sort of birthday. Mine has never meant that much to me, simply because for the longest time I drifted through that world. It's not that I didn't know who Bedlamie was, more it was that she had no one to collide with that yielded anything substantial. My only real friends in the game were Khon, Morgil, and Rikka. They are mostly creators, weaving things from prims and scripts. I found my self jumping from place to place, trying to find someone who could help me weave something that I think I'm good at creating.


And I remember thinking I found someone of interest. He had on four tiny hats and decided to take me to see Caledon. And he explained that it was a place where people strove to create beautiful things and I was hooked.

I know that I will always think of that day in the sailboat through Caledon as my true rezday.

But I am still a bit somber and unaffected by this year's pageantry and pomp because two relationships that were very important to me have ended or soured began this month. Since both were highly tied to that world, well it is no surprise that my appearances are a bit dull and lackluster as of late.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Midnight in Mr Writer's Garden

I'm gonna be a gypsy. So I had to try on all sorts of hair.

soft and purdy!

I like the curls in this one..

I dunno this hair always looks like a wig...well it is..

and of course classic Bedders!


I also meet a local recluse and sat in his very lovely garden!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Time to Heal

While lolly gagging around today, we happened to stop at the library. I've been hiding jam there for the purposes of a surprise Christmas present of a Giant Jam Jar Ship for the Mr M. Baskerville, the adorable pup that Mr. M is never without, sniffled them out!

Here we listen to Baskerville give a speech on the hooch maker. I was only fidgeting slightly, while Mr M was all ears.

After emptying my pockets of jam and being put on probation, I think that all the confusion and fighting is cleared up! Huzzah!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Explanation

I was going to post about how nice a night we all had last night at Karima's and tomorrow night how we (June Lily and Me) are hosting a movie and you should come when this tidbit slide out of chat and punched me in the face....

[21:41] Henri Godenot: excuse me, ever since that pretty young lady bit me while trick-or-treating, my eyes have been sensitive. I want to wear my shades indoors.


Now I don't know where Henri was going with this and I refuse to hear the rest of the story. It is soaked in total "WTF" goodness and to know...

a) why someone would bit you while trick or treating?
b) why this would make your eyes sensitive?
c) is it more dangerous INSIDE? Is the threat of trick treaters more pervasive within walls?

.......would ruin this fine fine piece of SL quotes.

Recently Henri was hurt in a crash so he is on many, many painkillers. I would think that possibly they would have something to do with the above statement.

As a small but highly important tangent, I am glad Henri is well. There are people behind these flashy dolls that I am ever so fond of (like Henri Cato Lily Mark Rikka Gywnn) and I would miss them terribly.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Update Smupdate

I betcha you can't find the redhead.

Lily, creature of the night! As QT3.14 looks on lovingly.

Did I tell you I cleaned house at Nikita Weyman's contest? I totally did because I know a lot of phrases involving blood and I dressed like a total punk rock pirate.


Also, one day Cato and Me went to Egypt!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Song List

I think what we need is a list of halloween ish music!

My first draft?

Cat Power's Cross Bone Style

Then lets round it out with Le Tigre's The The Horror


I'll add as I find things.

If you didn't notice, today is a break day!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Day

Today Junie Poo and I hosted an random book chat about Interview with a Vampire. Despite deciding to do it 15 minutes before we did, we had about 8 people and it seemed to go real well.

Also I got to see Riven of the Steelhead Library and she is always a peach.

Riven took me to the last day of Burning Life and I got to see them burning it down. Also, these are the hardest partying librarians you can ever meet.

It's autumn! Mr Mark scowls if you say fall.

Pink Slip

So upon hearing that I was charged for jam theft and thus fired without any evidence , here is what I imagined doing....

But really, I just perched on the desk remembering and nicking office supplies.

Perhaps one day he will call me back, and I know it will be soon because there is that one file draw that sticks and he can never open? I tell him every time..."You have to use your hip!"

We'll always have Paris.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Curious Case of Quan

So I'm mindin' my business like ya do when this police car pulls up with Cato in it. Now at first I was excited cuz he ain't been seen in parts and I was worried. Then he starts rambling about missing jam or some other some such and all I can thinks is," Eh?" We are supposed to be in cahoots together! Something ain't right!

I think he's an impostor!

After pulling out the trusty Betsy, I ruin his fancy police cruiser easy but he starts to fertilize my lawn! I LIKE IT PATCHY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Using my trusty mallet of might, I make sure to clock him. I'm not trying to kill'im, cuz I like Cato but somethings fishy and it ain't his tuna sandwich!

The fight takes us all over town, and you know its rip roaring when couches are being torn apart!


At this point, I'm figuring him for rabid. Happens. So sorrowfully, I lace up a bow and go to take aim. Best to put him down quick, but....

What kinda matrix trickery is this?!?

Narrowly escaping by the skin of my tail, I'm going to Rikka's to recoup.

Moody Indiana

I don't know what I am sick with but it is kicking me butt.

So! Pictures of Indiana!

Blue Sky

Purple Orange Sky

Grey Thundery Day

All taken with my phone! Two while driving! Eat it, people who hate on Razors.