Monday, September 1, 2008

An Early Christmas

You think I am wearing nothing from the back?

[2:22] Cato Quan: HO HOO HOOOO
[2:22] Cato Quan: !!!!
[2:22] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Oh really?
[2:22] Cato Quan: It is I , Santa Claus! Popular American Christmas Icon!!!
[2:23] Cato Quan: I search fotr The ELF Total Lunar!
[2:23] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ah...
[2:23] TotalLunar Eclipse: Greetings
[2:23] Cato Quan: Total Lunar!
[2:23] Cato Quan: Good News!!!
[2:23] TotalLunar Eclipse: yes sir santa?
[2:23] Cato Quan: You've been selected to work in the toy shop! Traloo Tralay!!!
[2:24] Cato Quan adjust his beard
[2:24] Cato Quan: Hoo-Ho! HOO!
[2:24] TotalLunar Eclipse: You'll forgive me but I am terribly bad with making toys
[2:24] TotalLunar Eclipse: and... that is something suited for my northern cousins
[2:24] Cato Quan: If you'll just accompany me, we have a full training program!
[2:24] Cato Quan: What an honor!
[2:25] Cato Quan: You'll join the other creative elves there!
[2:25] TotalLunar Eclipse narrows his eyes... "You sound quite similar to an individual trying to ptu me in a bag the other day."
[2:25] KlausWulfenbach Outlander wonders if Quan's master has something to do with this.
[2:25] Cato Quan: Bag?! Hoo-hoo-ho!!!
[2:25] Cato Quan: nooooo
[2:25] You: No I assure you sir we are completely different people!
[2:26] Cato Quan: If you'll just slip into this "Magic Elf" uniform...
[2:26] Bedlamie Thunders waves big grinning from ear to ear
[2:26] Cato Quan: We'll show you around the place, and if you don't like it,
[2:26] Cato Quan: well come right back!
[2:27] Cato Quan: Ho! HO! HO!
[2:27] TotalLunar Eclipse looks at the clothing he has been given
[2:27] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: What is it?
[2:27] Cato Quan: I've seen your name on my list, Baron
[2:27] TotalLunar Eclipse: they look awfully ... bag ish
[2:27] Cato Quan: Ihope you like coal..
[2:27] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ja, I imagine you have, Herr Quan.
[2:27] Cato Quan: well, it's the new fashion!
[2:27] You: Everyone where you like is wearing it!
[2:28] Cato Quan: First the shirt, then the ropes:)
[2:28] TotalLunar Eclipse blinks
[2:28] TotalLunar Eclipse: ropes?
[2:28] Cato Quan: then pop on the back of the sleaigh, and we'll be on our way:)
[2:28] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Mind you, the Time Lord, Purdie, found his master had been casting silver bullets.
[2:28] Cato Quan:, yes..ropes
[2:28] Cato Quan: like...for a robe!!
[2:28] You: Trust me the rope version is nicer...I'm kinda stuck with the floss version
[2:29] TotalLunar Eclipse chuckles
[2:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I merely can't tell if it's his own mad plot or his master's.
[2:29] Cato Quan: Come here bedde...I mean, elf assistant!
[2:29] You: OH I ain't getting out of the car!
[2:29] Cato Quan: help the elf
[2:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I am sorely tempted to take on my Tiny form at this point.
[2:30] Cato Quan stage whispers "Cmon, he's not buying it!.."
[2:30] Bedlamie Thunders sighs deeply and hangs her head
[2:30] TotalLunar Eclipse raises a brow
[2:30] TotalLunar Eclipse: these ears can hear many things
[2:30] Cato Quan: Shall we be off? sir?
[2:30] Cato Quan: Are they Magical-like?
[2:30] TotalLunar Eclipse: a bit like my whole race
[2:31] Bedlamie Thunders start to sniffle and complain about cold
[2:31] Cato Quan: right this way, sir!
[2:31] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein, actual clothes would remedy your problem.
[2:31] TotalLunar Eclipse stares at Klaus...
[2:31] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Was? She's not exactly dressed and she's complaining of chills.
[2:32] TotalLunar Eclipse: What do you think Herr baron?
[2:32] Bedlamie Thunders starts to sniffle more and points at Cato
[2:32] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I think I may have to have words with Magaletto Alter.
[2:32] You: He took mine! Said if i dont make enough sales he aint giving them back
[2:32] TotalLunar Eclipse: ah ...
[2:32] Cato Quan: THe noted merchant and genius?
[2:33] Cato Quan: Hush, elf-temptress!
[2:33] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: The mad Spark whom I'm keeping an eye on.
[2:33] Cato Quan: Never heard of her
[2:33] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ja, ja, except you're her minion.
[2:33] TotalLunar Eclipse: oh is he?
[2:33] Cato Quan: Santa? A minion? HO-HO-HO-!
[2:34] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Oh ja.
[2:34] TotalLunar Eclipse: ah HA!
[2:34] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: She hired him on quite a few weeks ago.
[2:34] Cato Quan: go burn down your christmas tree, ya kraut....I Mean, you are mistaken, sir!
[2:34] TotalLunar Eclipse points to the small cat
[2:34] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I am Transylvanian, and rather larger than you at the moment.
[2:34] Cato Quan: hrmmmm
[2:35] Cato Quan: I just remember a chimney I missed...
[2:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Sehr gut.
[2:35] Cato Quan: Must be on our way...
[2:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Even better.
[2:35] Cato Quan: Last chance for servitud..I mean Glory and honor, Mr Elfman?
[2:35] Bedlamie Thunders shivers and hops from foot to foot
[2:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein Thunders, you do not need to go with him if you do not wish.
[2:35] TotalLunar Eclipse: Forgive me but Id rather have disgrace and humility
[2:36] Cato Quan: very well, ...Baron- I'll be watching my list!
[2:36] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: You do that.
[2:36] Bedlamie Thunders smiles big and shrugs ,"Well he did steal my clothes but hes not so bad thank you!"
[2:36] TotalLunar Eclipse chuckles
[2:36] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: As you wish.
[2:36] Cato Quan: Back to the pole!
[2:37] Cato Quan: At the local stripclub!
[2:37] Bedlamie Thunders waves fondly to Mr Outlander and Mr Eclipse
[2:37] TotalLunar Eclipse gave you Fur Hunter Cape - Chinchilla Grey.
[2:37] Cato Quan: Hooooo- HOOO--HO!
[2:37] TotalLunar Eclipse: for you to not be so cold miss
[2:37] KlausWulfenbach Outlander grins
[2:38] You: Awww ! thank you so!
[2:38] Cato Quan: (check it for bugs)
[2:38] Bedlamie Thunders bonks Cato on the head

(A big thanks to Mr Outlander and Mr Eclipse for playing along, for not freaking out over my ridiculously scandalous outfit and for being so wonderfully fun)


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...


That reminds me I must finish that Christmas elf costume for Lunar this year

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Thunders,

I very nearly apologise for mis-pronouncing Fraulein Alter's name, but as she insists on fawning over her assistant's poor planning, I shall not expend the energy.

Hopefully Herr Lunar's cape warmed you up reasonably, Fraulein. Your skin tone was quite alarmingly grey.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron