Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tarot Reading for Free at C+C All October!

Starting tomorrow Oct 1st!

Rikka Koi of Crimson and Clover (shown below in her full glory) is hosting all month free tarot readings from some of her friends as a fun event to celebrate the wonderful month that is October. There is no scheduled time but I know I plan on being there whenever I can, as I will be participating. she made me a deck of cats! FANCY DRESSED CATS! *muther freaking swoon!*

She has also talked about selling the custom made decks, which are really well made and nicely scripted by Vye Graves. I've told four readings tonight without one iota of a problem.

Any questions or landmark needing, please feel free to IM me.

P.S. I almost named this post "MISS CLEO! I DONT THINK YOU REALLY KNOW!"


Believe it or not, along with being a librarian and trouble maker, I am also secretary to Mr Montgolfier. He asked me to occupancy him on an important mission that involved bashing spiders and rats as he dumpster dived for clues. I told him that this was not in my job description then he said many big words that in essence said that he would take no more sass.

The case still cold from lack of clues and covered in disease and filth ( I am not allowed to discuss details but its totally gab worthy) we drove about the city in a taxi. I mean it's only slightly filthier than our last exertion.

We needed the hammers. Trust me.


While Montgolfier is away, I normally rent out his house to run crap tables and/or read tarot cards in a fly by night way. What? Girl's gotta make some sort of money and Montgolfier pays me in ......

I asked him once and he pointed a direction and ran the other way....


For kicks and because he ain't been around lately..I decided to read Cato Quan's cards.



dum dum duummmm!

That is not the fantasy ...

So I am cheating a little and just posting a picture from here. Really, a must for any steam punker with any sense of humor. Or humours.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I had a most wondrous day today this world and that!

Rikka gave me my tarot deck of Cats. Which just......you have to understand I'm fascinated with them. The woman made me my own deck scripted and all by the Vye lady. Deck in hand, I decided to sim hop and do readings for people as practice. I am going to be doing free readings in Rikka's shop all freaking October. WOOT!

And I accidentally defected to Russia.

This shot was nice but mostly it was a huge square. Which something tells me that it is an important landmark in real life, but all I can think about is that movie White Nights.

I said what up to Lenin.


I went to the Burning Life event and it was well let me have Lily help explain:

me: what is the burning man event
is it a bunch of hippies?

in the desert
lots of drugs
and art
and music


me: wow

i think at the end they burn a man
not a real man
but like a big man statue or something

so they say

"temporary community"
i think they get all nude and high and crazy

and then they burn some helpless guy who just wanted to unwind from being an accountant this is why we have to stop the hippies

lily: that IS why!!!

me: i bet they have it in the desert because what is one more dead burnt hippie in the desert?
the hippes should be revolting against this

lily: just one more burnt hippie.
you're right
apparently it was aug 25- sept 1

well they had to give the hippies plenty of time to get home in their rusted winnebagos
those things go like


Well I didn't take any pictures because little rezzed and what did was terrible.

Then I remembers about la petite prince! Who in my opinion is one of the best detail robot pieces in all SL.

When I got there I found a load of goodies I NEED.

A mecha heart! OMG!


..........................I don't know why but that arm is just the piece de la resistance!

Well played le petite prince. I will see you with a grubby fist full of lindens Friday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whalers On the Moon

WANTED! For thefts of uncountable amounts of jam and scones and for calling me a twit!

Good Folk! I have a picture of the vile sleaze bag Trevor! Look! He's stolen Mr Montgolfier's heart!

Ugh, he is such a slimy creature! How Mr Montgolfier ever became mixed up with him I will never know!

Speaking of that boy, we threw him an impromptu birthday bash on the library roof. Librarian! Library Access baby! See it's me, Kat monster, Mr Montgolfier and LilyDay! We were all robotish!

It wasn't a day I was supposed to get gifts but I did! Here is m asleep on my shoulder. He's tuckered out from being so grouchy.

Whatever Kayde is saying, Lily Bean ain't havin'.


We actually went exploring all together again!

An image from the end of the world.


My stance on whaling? If whales stopped being delicious, I'd stop eating them.

Tuckered out in a green room with Cato.

See the painting I made? Isn't it great?
It was so keen Cato asked for help on his technique!

Happy Trees!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caption This

I'm not feeling too keen in general lately.

That world is a big overpowering for me lately, like putting maple syrup on hardened frosting and eating it.

So I am rebooting. Literally.

Make a caption or short story for this picture and I will draw you a picture of the utmost delight.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Huge Dollop

Please! Enjoy my combined adventures!

I meet the highly accredited Dr. Mason and re meet Mr. Doyle who our library's patron saint. It was a lovely chat about putting in a hospital in New Tou. Ya know, we never really get sick though...mostly we turn into zombies and eat our own.

Also I talked to Mr. Doyle about the things our library wanted to do. He was very sweet and even told me there is a movie theater .....somewhere. He just pointed out the window and said," Over there.." so I think I shall have to look for it.

THEN..the next day!

I went exploring with Mr. Montgolfier.

We meet a mermaid. She was the first of many many neat (visually) avatars spread over this sim and the only one who seemed to have a person behind her. It's a neat thought and these aren't the cheap run of the mill avatars here. I saw one that had to run at least 2000 lindens. I liked the idea behind filling a sim but fill a sim with real people. It adds so much, I promise.

For some reason, there are girly mags under the man eating squid. We didn't ask.

That's enough to make a person bitter.

In all the ocean, Mr. Montgolfier had to step in something wet. I told him to wear *both* shoes but do boys listen?


I would show you more but really it is a lovely sim and to explore and see all the interesting things as new is much better don't you agree?

We went above ground then.

We went to a museum of illusions! This made me reflect. What do you ask for after you've requested a head? The girl who did the dance of the seven veils for John the Baptist's head....can you top that at Christmas? Oh right...they weren't...


We also had our fortunes told and stomped on them because they predicted nothing for me but doom.

We rode a carpet home! Sadly, it was over before I thought to sing one iota of any Aladdin song. We also rode through the city and saw many sky houses. This carpet was a freebie from the sim we had explored and it seemed to fly quite well or at least he drove it well. I am a girl. I do not steer in the presence of boys.

We decided to call it and night and so we checked the Jam Reserves. I think Mr. Montgolfier wept a little. Jam does that to him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Some days in world have no rhythm or reason.

Me and Lily Bean broke into Mr Montgolfier's safe.

It was kinda spooky but we liked it

Then I saw AM Radio and meet Astra and that bloke that made the Tunnel of Light.

Then Cato and I mamboed?

Hell yes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That girl at the C+C ? I bet she be down with FotC!

I didn't play secondlife yesterday on account of all my favorite people only come on very late and I went to bed very early. So as fodder, I found this pretty picture of me fishing at Rikka's place.

You know, that Crimson and Clover place? *point* its over there! Ya' know! It's got real hair and skins, and never you mind where she got them they are for sale.

Flight of the Conchords? Yes!

favorite line?

"yes sometimes my lyrics are sexist but you lovely bitches and hos should know i'm trying to correct this."

I have decided that my new theme song is "Pork and Beans" by Weezer as rendered on Mario Paint

So every time you see me skip down the street, this song should play in your head.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life's a Beach

So I haven't seen the Cato Man in a while. We decided to go to a beach!

Not this one though.

Here is us hang gliding! I loved the clouds so much.

I SUPPOSE if you ride a whale with a boy, that means your a semi willing accomplice to kidnapping of elves.

Mostly we just enjoyed riding things!

No one will ever recognize him! Believe it or not, his pet mousie Five was starting to burn so we hurried up and put on some shade inducing things. The byproduct was Cato became pimpish.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Random can be Fun!

My dear friend Mr Montgolfier had a recent theft of his jam. Could it be Trevor?

It was a special day for Cato a few days ago so in honor of that day I thought I was buying a ship for my friend.

I was wrong.

I bought him a missile.

God Help Us All.

Here is me hurling through space to the ground very quickly!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Trifecta Reunites!

We aren't sure how we become the trio. It just happened one day. And likewise, one day we thought we lost Mr. Montgolfier.

This made us very sad.

We thought he was lost under the sea.
He was.

He arrived with new sea creature friends and greeted us warmly..

I still have my "love" thump.

After all the crying from the reunion and the welts, we decided to beat a helpless pinata.

Unfortunately some of that cheap glue from the pinata got into the candy and he wasn't feeling so keen..

This is us, using all means of transportation to ride off into the sunset.