Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is it even fishing season?

Hey ya'll! I'm tireder* than a pregnant house cat so its gonna be short!

Getting mighty weedy in parts...

Me and Sis help spread the word

Cato man and me soil some poor New Tou's laundry

Cato man teaches me how to fish real easy like

I take a shot at it! Actually, more correctly at other people's boats...

Aw hell! I think that's some fancy Caledon folk's boat! We'd better hightail it out of there!

*For some reason spell check did not yell at me about "tireder"......?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Library News!

Okie, so I know ya'll think I just use my librarian title to get free food and a pass to secret hush hush backstage Caledon things but....

We are actually planning things.

Oh yes, it is happening.

Riven of that other library is hosting events dedicated to freedom. Anything we want, as long its based around freedom. So I figures...we loved zombie hunting why don't we reenact a historical battle for New Tou?

So! We need all copyable:

1) Guns
2) Uniforms
a) Soliders for both sides
b) Nurses
3) Flags?
4) A Stream that plays battle music
5) Poster

Easy Peasy pots a measy....except what battle? Gonna ask Cleo later.

Also! June and I are really excited about hosting discussions. Books we talked about:

1) Interview with a Vampire
2) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
3) RL Stine Books and Christopher Pike
4) Seventeen Magazine

Well Calacon is raging on and we almost went except fundage is super low and the trip is a 6 hour tour. Like, double the tour for Gilligan and we'd only be there for two hours but if I had the money still....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I have been thinking about labels. The older I get, the more I seem to acquire.

I love how the internet helps aid in random spiral thinking patterns. As such:

I caught some of Lewis Black's stand up last night and I was very very struck with his stance on the Old Testament. It is not word for word but he pretty much said of it that Christians who take the Old Testament literally are wrong and that is understandable. It's not their book.

Which reminded me to read about the reform going bout that may actually add to another label for me.

"Who is a Jew according to Halacha (Jewish Law)?"

In essence, if you are born of a Jewish mother you are instant and total Jew. Don't even have to practice. If your dad be Jew and your mom not...well no...unless you are a Reform Jew then as long as you are raised in the faith you are. So with my Jewish Dad and at random Christian mom, I am on this weird cusp.

Then there are the labels we give others..

This was altered in PhotoShop. No cat people were harmed.

Well I will think on it later because my attention span is very short and now I'm curious about cat evolution.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bluesy Tuesday

Wish I was working in reals life. But! The fruits of my slight slight labor! Do ya like it? It is really a rough draft...I am already looking at it going I need to say we will have live music and whatnot. I tried not to put too much on it cuz I personally hate those posters that are crap full of TEXT.

For September I am doing a project for Riven of that other library. You might not know who she is, but it's okie. I do. Something to do with freedom? Must IM her when I see her.

In general for both worlds, I am very happy and very unsure of what the future holds. But I think I feel a bit more ready to take them both on.

Also, I SAW MY SISSY JUNE! I was all fearing she ran off with some boy and joined some dance troupe and then who am I supposed to steal nail polish from? Who would pinch my cheeks and tell me I'm precious? Who on earth would I get drunk with on the porch and say things like," Van Morrison can sing the panties off of me.."? No one, that's who and if you found me someone else I would hate them out of sheer spite.

That's June. She was in world for like 20 minutes but it brightened my week.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I was feeling sick yesterday so nothing to tell of really...but today!

Today I am researching totally historical like things.

Like here I learned how to behave in Caledon society....

And now I'm watching Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eu tu, Bedders?

Off with his head!

Well the Cato Man took me on a date-ish thing, because we could! I'd actually never been to Roma before, which is a sim that is based on ancient Rome. Here we are looking out over the pit, deciding who we should toss in. Though Cato is supposed to be "technically" evil, he seemed way more merciful than me. My list was double his....and for some very strange offenses.

The offenders were:

Bogus: for making us miss him
LilyDay: she'd want to be tossed in with Bogus
Henri: unpaid parking tickets
Karima: keeping an unstable bull
Mari: giving liquor to minors (I am only two after all!)
Mama Cree: grown-child neglect
June: Tax evasion
Mr Montgolfier: Detective services not rendered
BobGod of Caledon: for calling all my music "emo shit"

Thank the Gods for bath houses!

One thing about way back when is that horses were the main source of transportation and if you weren't careful where you sat...well it was messy...and who says Secondlife isn't a valid learning tool!

You wanna borrow my whip? Rikka has a collection!

Well Cato wanted to show how brave he was and also to possibly liberate his fellow cat men. He was intensely courageous but our lion liberation front failed. Oh well, I am sure they are feed well on gladiators.


And here is me prowling towards him. Doesn't he have pretty legs? Now this actually isn't in Roma, but that's neither here nor there. Mind your own!

So what do you think of those Greeks?

You know we wouldn't be playing proper romans if we didn't recline somewhere and eat fruit. We didn't have traditional grapes, but the blueberries sufficed except for the fact I am now stained everywhere and my dress has fingerprints all over it...

There was so much else we did, but most of the time I forgot to take pictures. We were almost slaughtered by a unicorn, well mostly me..we sat on peacocks and went to a reading brothel. Oh! We also went swimming!

After breaking and entering ...well could I say that? Those romans are pretty open people... anyho we declared the night good and done and passed out in some strange citizen's massive marble inlay bed.

it was a good day!

And I'd like it be said for the record..As a relatively old avatar....sometimes it feels like there is no place unexplored or worth fighting the lag to see. Of Mr. Quan, I must say he makes me feel a bit like I was born yesterday...which in the world we coexist in is not a bad thing.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wicked Little Town


I wandered around New Tou yesterday. It's just been too quiet there...I miss the sound of firearms and June puking on my back porch. I miss Mama Cree and Basil. But it is nice that some hooligans left these huge donuts on the steamship to amuse me.

Now yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with Mari Moonbeam and the Cato Man about the lack of Cree in our lives. Woman has just been gone! Grass is starting to get swamp ragged in some shacks and I think rents getting due. Now Miss Moonbeam made the mention of us being Caledon's kin and all and maybe Caledon taking us into their bosom in the event of our sim in danger. She even said something about "talking to people" about it.

Not even the fine wine she placed on the table could fuzz that out.

Are we in danger? I mean this an incident of tossing out the photo albums on the lawn cuz the bacon is burning?

And in the event of losing the sim, do we want Gov Shang or someone else taking over?

Now just let me just say I think very highly of Gov Shang and Caledon. Having lived there and kissed a few of it's blokes (not the Gov though, lets put a kibosh right away on that since I'm a catgirl and we all know about those "secret" papers he's got in his desk that ain't secret at all..), I really like it.........where it is. I love to sit on my deck of my shotgun shack and sip some moonshine, skirts hiked up for air and wave to Caledon in all it's pretty pastoral paleness. My heart will always hold a spot for Caledon but...

By the bayou I ain't a Caledonion anymore!

Now we are talking about Gov Shang because New Tou and Caledon are kissing cousins but really any large owner I dunno if they would know what to do with us. We are some needy whiny folk. We need someone who is more vested in us than foreign lands. Sure we warm up easy initially with gin but its not a warmth that lasts if ya catch my drift.

Speaking of, I'm noticing a concerning trend of people taking things much too serious.....So I am making a mandatory list of the following materials for anyone who has any grievances with giant moons landing on houses and other such things. Ya'll can pick them up at the library:

This is Spinal Tap (movie)
Reno 911 (tv)
Naked Pictures of Famous People (book)

They'll be on the steps because I'm going on a date to Roma with the Cato Man! Don't wait up!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Even with lights out, we'll glow....

I Never thought that you'd find out I did it.
I was so scared that you'd leave, so I hid it.
I know we said that we'd always be honest.
So now I went out and messed up our nest.
It finally seems like we turned into strangers.
It's gotten so bad there's just no more anger.
So now it seems like we can't get no further.
I can't Believe I'll be bright for another.
I'll be the switch she turns on.
She'll be mine too, I'll get off.
I'll be the fuse that she blows, and
Even with the lights out we'll glow.
So where's the sun, it's shown no love on your face.
Under the moon and with a girl that's in your place.
And even Edison has no idea of all the blackouts
I've cause you and me - ah!
I'll be the switch she turns on.
She'll be mine too, I'll Get off.
I'll be the fuse that she blows,
And even with the lights out we'll glow.
I'll be the fuse.

Best Converstation in IM Ever

This is how I always imagine IM boxes..

[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders: thats fair
[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders: i might of um
[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders: told peoples that you knew ---- was okie
[0:24] LilyDay Darkstone: smacks you
[0:24] LilyDay Darkstone: your allegiance is to me!
[0:24] LilyDay Darkstone: cries
[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders: I DIDNT EVEN SAY IT!
[0:24] LilyDay Darkstone: cries and cries
[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders falls over holding her face
[0:24] LilyDay Darkstone: pouts
[0:24] Bedlamie Thunders starts to cry
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: throws boots at your head
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: gives you diet pepsi flavored tea
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: i'm sorry
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: it's ok
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: giggles
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: i was only playing
[0:25] Bedlamie Thunders hides under the bed
[0:25] Bedlamie Thunders: I AINT COMING OUT
[0:25] Bedlamie Thunders: IM TELLING MR MARK
[0:25] LilyDay Darkstone: yeah...i don't want __
[0:26] LilyDay Darkstone: i'm a bit timid since ----
[0:26] LilyDay Darkstone: i'm sorry...
[0:26] LilyDay Darkstone: pouts

Don't worry. I forgave her because I had to. She has ice cream.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Night in Cake

I am a skeleton!

After having a good long talk with some New Tou'ers by a campfire, I decided to leave the safety of my boggy home and see if one of my favorite stores had any good hair that I still cannot afford. Sadly, as usual, they did. But! Taking pictures to your hard drive is free! So I decided to people watch....This is what I saw.

The time it must have taken to fit all the crap was for naught..

I dunno what her legs did to her to make her put those shoes on, but ...damn.


Clearly aliens are invading through secondlife to learn about social skills and to get a grip on what humans look like, because time and time again I am seeing avatars with things that are trying to pass as feet in high heeled shoes that look like this. This is how we will know and be able to strike.

She was even scarier from the side but I ain't about giving nightmares ya'll

Well it's not like she ain't sorta pretty. Thats not what I am gapping about. Well, I'll admit and say that I do not like her belly. Rocky crags on a lady to me just ain't pleasing. But her profile groups and picture kinda confused me. Her picture almost looked like one of them joke pictures while her groups seem to say all business. A mullet profile.

I wonder if anyones made some Vic's in game

....................Is that a cold sore?!?! I wouldn't even let her rez because I mean look! A cold sore! Also, her eyes are terrifing. She looks like that woman from New York who is trying to look more like a cat. You know the one, I know you've seen it on the internet.

You know, it was round time for bed and I thought to myself...I ain't seen a red silk at all! Who should happen to pop in at that very minute (making me feel like I wasted an important wish like, " Wonder why I ain't won the lotto") but....

I can't even be snarky! She be fine!

I'll give her this...she is about the prettiest red silk I've ever seen. Nice hair, pretty skin and face....Hell I have those silks in green! Ain't none of your business why!

I'm going back to the bayou, this place boggles me..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today is a lazy day!

So I saw this huge huge bear....He want'nt very tame.

I offered him some of these cookies I nicked from this windowsill in New Tou...

Suddenly he keeled over!

I patted his head and went on my way!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Secert Meeting!

Bedder's can't take pictures proof #190

Well we done had ourselves a right proper like meeting. Its supposed to be hush hush, but I'll tell ya cuz I trust ya. We talked about our top secret mission tomorrow dealing with Desmond Shang of Caledon, we talked about maybe making a biased newspaper for New Tou and we talked about Karima's facelight.

I'm really not sure how she can carry that without a skeleton system..

Look at that facelight. My god, it's like a jet pack. I'm so shocked my hair turned grey. Check out the Cato Man's poohbah cloak! We all actually have one but part of being a loner Dottie, a rebel is that I don't wear stuffs like that. Sides! I was incognito.....if we get picked up by any constables for dishonorable deeds, I can claim I just came in confused thinking it was a bar. Traitorous? Meh, someone's gotta make bail.

Well Jimmeh, you win biggest fez EVER!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Right Gorey Mess

Alright, Henri pull aggro Cato Heal and Ill nuke. Damnit Nikita DOT!

So I woke up yesterday to the sounds of the moaning. Wasn't the good moaning either, it was the undead! I think some crazy ditchwater witch cursed the hobo park Mr Quan is building. Well we banded together in true bayou fashion, and despite some friendly fire we managed to make it out alright. Henri and I packed shotguns, Miss Nikita packed some sort of pistol that I'm not sure what type it was but she did look ready for zombie killin', I can't remember what Monica packed but I remember admiring her group title and Mari and Cato packed pies.

Thats right.


Cato tries to win the zombie's affections with pies.

I have proof here. Now the Cato man had a good number of them and I am sure if it weren't for the zombie onslaught, I woulda questioned more into the nature and source of them pies.

Doesn't Henri look ready to kill?

Here I am wearing my pretty braids and cute outfit because anything that distracts zombies helps. Henri got my back. Word.

Look at that mess! END TIMES!

I know this is a worse ending than in Needful Things

Naww not really!

Everyone left but for me, Cato, and Nikita so she showed around her swanky pad. It had a sweet toppled fortune teller, this bitchin tire swing, and a tub full of frozen fruit she let us sit in. We talked about starting a newsletter and books, so you know I was having a good time. Then Cato fixed my wonky leg, cuz he works under a doctor or has a degree in something? Well he seemed legit because he had a fez on and I'm pretty sure you can only get one those if your something fancy or a Shriner.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

The only thing real life cannot offer me

Seriously, don't gip on the tip.

A dragon delivering pizza. Let that soak into your head. Give it just a moment.

I looked through scores of all my pictures trying to find things that you just can't get in real life that you might actually be happy to have and I was shocked to find that this was the one thing that I seem to have taken a picture of that I want in real life that may never be possible. Oh, don't tell me furries will never be possible people are already grafting tons of crap to themselves. It'll be a manner of time before it is tails and ears. Then again, they could be breeding dragons that will deliver to where I live at this very moment! I hope so!

If she had a busted '79 Chevy water pump, I ain't suprised.

Yesterday there was a nice gathering of folks just talking in Miss Nikita's workshop. I liked it there. It was cozy and messy in a workshop sorta way. Wasn't all.....well ya know...bare. Reminded me of my great grandmother's house. She had a ton of dogs and you always knew you were there when you saw the snapping turtle shells on that tree? Yep, thats the kinda kin I come from.


I wasn't feeling too keen, so I sat in the window to get some air. The littler and possibly more evil than the tall one Cato came and sat by! The conversation was good and all but I left early so I wasn't able to hear no more of Karima's poems. I bet I'm just missing Lily bean.

Here! Have one last look on this wondrous beast! God speed my friend!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey Ho and Up She Rises

Dancing In the Moonlight

I miss Lily so! Look! I even drew this picture of us dancing!

Since Lily is gone, I started to wander and without the guidance of the pixie girl!
I found myself surrounded by pirates! Well I didn't have time to snap a picture because I was too busy stuffing a message in a bottle for the Cato Man to find me since no one else in New Tou has any marital arts training or could be bribed for all the fish dishes I know how to cook. Sides, the smelly pirates took my camera and then pulled my hair. One called me a wench. I kept yelling," Pauly Shore!" like they did in that moving pictures show but it didn't seem to work like in the theater!

Is that a cannon on your shoulder or you just happy to see me?

Well fortunately, my message in a bottle made it perfectly and the Cato man arrives sporting the most bad ass yet heavy looking cannon! Sadly, all the pirates had gone but a few very very strangely dressed ones and Cato and I were so shocked at their bad fashion sense we felt a more fitting punishment would be to let them live their secondlives dressed like that. Death would have been merciful. We are not.

A proper end to such an affair!

After that grand adventure, lost in the moment and drunk on rum we smooched! We then looted the ship for all it was worth . Cato took the doctor lady like eight barrels of fish heads (but for some reason when I talked to her only four made it) and I found some green undergarments that wouldn't work for any captain but I can always use. Oh and rum. Lots of rum.

We considered torching the ship after words because one of the few things I really excel at is virtual arson but it was quickly dismissed because it really was a pretty boat.

We then looked at horses but those pictures came out fuzzy and dark! So you will just have to believe that we did see horses, they were there, and it was nice.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Whateva I got the 'ttude now

Really this is a good way to show you all the pretty pictures of people I love that I just have been too lazy or disenchanted or busy or any other number of excuses good people use. Mind ya, this ain't ALL the people I love, just too tired too come up with a bona fide story today.

I went down to the beach and saw Kiki
She was, like, all "ehhhh"

And I was, like, "whatever!"

Then this chick comes up to me and she's all, like,

"Hey, aren't you that dude?"

And I'm, like, "yeah, whatever!"

So later I'm at the pool hall

And this girl comes up

And she's, like, "awww"

And I'm, like, "yeah, whatever!"

Cuz this is my

United States of Whatever!

And this is my

United States of Whatever!

And this is my

United States of Whatever!

And then it's three A.M.

And I'm on the corner, wearing my leather

This dude comes up and he's, like, "hey, punk!"

I'm, like, "yeah, whatever!"

Then I'm throwing dice in the alley

Officer Leroy comes up and is, like,

"Hey, I thought I told you..."

And I'm, like, "yeah, whatever!"

And then up comes Zafo

I'm, like, "yo, Zafo. What's up?"

He's, like, "nothin'"

And I'm, like, "that's cool."

Cuz this is my

United States of Whatever!

And this is my

United States of Whatever!

song by Liam Lynch!