Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reasons I should stop going to raves with LilyDay

*no hair for joo!*

Omg my head hurts and where the hell am? I should not have danced with LilyDay till like 5 am! Though the dj was slamming!

Wait....why the fuck am I purple? WHY AM I SAYING FUCK!! Why can't I change my hair?!?


Oh no...

Oh sweet love of baby Jesus..

I'm in Azeroth....fuck.

If found, please return my skillz!

Where did all my lovely hair and clothes go? lolz! ...I have to stop doing that! I don't know what these buttons mean! Seriously, anyone know? newb....Holy shit its like the hiccups I cant stop! LFTank for Zul!! kthnxbye! rdy? k! I don't understand any of them! A leaf heals? A maple leaf heals over time? What the fuck, Mario made more sense....I think the man in it wizard hat button means that I can watch The Sword and the Stone!

Someone please TP me...for the love of god this fucking bird takes a thousand hours! Honestly, I took a shower, took a nap, and killed a boar for supper and I am still on this damn bird.

This what that cheap ho at the inn gave to my mount! Christ! To think I've slept there! *shudders* I hope my new hat properly conveys the disgust I have with Blizzard's shenanigans.

The beauty of life...

I am death, destorier of winged things!
To make myself feel better, I killed a parrot. Enjoy!

Huh! Look at the chat! Maybe I AM still in second life! Random encounters of people randomly licking me...yeah thats second life. Or high school. Both hellish!

*to get this picture please read chat!*

Ahhhhhh...It's all coming back to me!

Friday, December 28, 2007

My New Years List

It is coming close to new years so ... I resolve...

To finish that story to LilyDay about how big that damn fish was!

Stop getting naked in much!

To be carted around by cute boys more often!

To stop looking so grouchy!

To stop wasting my money on Chip and Dale Dancers....

To learn a skill how to fly a plane!

To fall in love with a snow goddess every day...but its hard not to..


...............Nah I give up! I shall go dance for money again in this peep show I found and gamble on the illegal underground Caledon boxing squid matches. Very hush hush! Very Intense!

But mostly what has been down with me? Spending all my gs on my homie gs. Rikka has been working and seeing her momma, so I have been chillin' with a one Mr Hawker who was kind enough to pose in almost all the pictures above. I'm never good with saying what I hauled in for loot for Christmas....because for some reason when I go to write it down....I just can't. So believe me, it WAS AWESOME and YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!

Lately, I have torrets of the caplock key. Please bare with me!

Oh you have to hear this song! I heart it!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

13 things of intreast!

My Real Birthday was the 15th and since I'm a heathen....I shall have 13 delightful things for you to read about !

HE was a man! He had a beard!

One governor Shang as an insane looking baby Jesus..

I attended the ball with Miss Lily and Iason! Iason even danced with me!

Two balls of utter beauty! *waves at Lily*

This is a gal who blogged me ! She was VERY NICE!

Me and my love eternal Rikka as the Man in Black!

Three Fucking Legends!

Sock monkey from Ellis. I hearts it! I've named him Mr. Bananas!

Arm band from Miss Lily! Uber Lovely!

Tiara from Rikka which all in I have become a tribal princess of sockmonekys! sweet!

One sock monkey who throws three peanuts, one tiara that has some multiple of four in it, and and arm band! ALL awesome birthday gifts!

Lily in Rikka made hair! Super lovely but like me she morphed back to same hair!

Lily and Ellis's cottage! How Lovely!

If you had spider eyes you would see six Lily's and a cottage in Tanglewood!

Lily rocking fish glasses!

Chomp! Chomp! Wuz forget an oven for us home eaters!

Know what? I'm sick of trying to think of number that correspond to these pictures. So you know what? Me and Lily broke off parts of Mr Wuz's house and ate it! YUM!


Odalay what is this now?

Omg I am so tired! Only X's boobs keep me going!

Aww X wearing her christmas present!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rikka Koi is a fucking legend

the title is my new favorite phrase right now.

Rikka made a really really cool Johnny Cash av and then turned around and made me some hair! So I spent all day working on my June Carter Cash Av. So i finished the face and went to look for a skin. The horror at having to type in "Mature" and "Skin"...seriously dont do it.

well i went looking for an old lady skin so I could be Rikka's old lady and had the most delightful converstion with a bloke. here is it is!

[18:40] You: where are your shoes honey? arent you afriad of splinters?
[18:40] Soul Qinan: i prefered the ear soup in brain dead
[18:40] Soul Qinan: gave them to a homeless
[18:41] You: thats very thoughtful
[18:41] You: makes me feel a bit selfish with my nifty boots
[18:41] Soul Qinan: you don't have... we all do what we can
[18:41] You: i suppose
[18:42] You: do you make skins here?
[18:42] Soul Qinan: no i tell story every where
[18:42] You: oh?
[18:43] Soul Qinan: yeah i try to give people what they need
[18:43] You: in awnsers?
[18:43] Soul Qinan: home for homeless, shoes for shoeless, hope for hopeless
[18:44] Soul Qinan: what about you?
[18:44] You: i do my best to spread joy and a little bit of chaos
[18:44] Soul Qinan: sounds like you're an oxymoron
[18:45] You: hmm you think? there is alot of joy in the lack of order and general knowledge of waht is to come
[18:45] Soul Qinan: wisdom from chaos
[18:46] Soul Qinan: i don't want to argue about that because i'm chaos and i don't if i'm wise
[18:46] Soul Qinan: i don't know*
[18:46] You: at the best we can all try
[18:47] Soul Qinan: have you ever killed?
[18:47] You: no but i like to steal hearts
[18:47] You: its an easier sin to resolve
[18:47] Soul Qinan: do you cook them?
[18:47] You: because you can always give them back
[18:48] You: no i hide them under my bed
[18:48] Soul Qinan: how many did you steal?
[18:48] You: counting the ones i had to give back?
[18:48] Soul Qinan: yes
[18:49] You: *counts on her fingers* maybe 10 at most
[18:49] You: it takes a bit of time
[18:49] Soul Qinan: how many do you keep under your bed?
[18:50] You: 2 and half right now
[18:50] Soul Qinan: and a half? who has the other part?
[18:50] You: the owner
[18:50] You: i didnt quite get the whole thing
[18:50] Soul Qinan: why did he keep it?
[18:51] You: well actually he gave the rest to someone else
[18:51] Soul Qinan: so he has not the other part... would you kill to get it?
[18:52] You: happy with just a little bit
[18:52] You: have you killed before?
[18:52] Soul Qinan: i killed the one i was before
[18:52] You: why?
[18:53] Soul Qinan: because sometimes events change you
[18:53] You: makes sense
[18:53] Soul Qinan: do you love yourself?
[18:53] You: were you split into two?
[18:53] You: i do
[18:53] You: or at least i try
[18:54] Soul Qinan: what happened to your leg?
[18:54] You: Zombies
[18:55] You: do you love yourself?
[18:55] You: did you love the one before you?
[18:55] Soul Qinan: yes i did
[18:55] You: do you miss them?
[18:56] Soul Qinan: them?
[18:56] You: i wasnt sure if it was a boy or girl or not even gender at all
[18:56] You: i did nto want to be rude
[18:57] Soul Qinan: i think i missed your point
[18:57] You: and maybe there was more before the one
[18:57] Soul Qinan: yes certainly an infinity
[18:58] Soul Qinan: to be a story teller you need to numerous
[18:58] Soul Qinan: to be*
[18:58] You: *nods* being made of stars will do that to you
[18:58] Soul Qinan: do the others like you?
[18:59] You: *thinks*
[18:59] You: at the moment yes
[18:59] Soul Qinan: do you need the others?
[18:59] You: sometimes
[18:59] Soul Qinan: when?
[18:59] You: need fluxucates
[19:00] You: i need to know im connected to someone
[19:00] You: and i need to know that there is good in people

watch this its funny!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A smorgushboard of delights!

Please sir I have to pee open up!

I keep encountering a mimic. But he is very much fun and so I do not mind. Actually this is my good friend Mr Shal! He is so silly!

NOW THE BIG COOKIE NEWS! RIKKA KOI finally married my crazy tush! and for the months of nerves and work and pestering Mr Ellis if he would pastor....It finally happened. And omg it was so fun! Serious. Rikka was just.... she was so pretty and everyone seemed so happy and Demise who dj ed just did a slamming job and ...well did I cry? In between nervous thumbsucking, yes yes I did. And Mr Ellis got us a really cool cat statue who is a bit primmy for my land allowment right now but I have named her Bessie.

I think Miss Lily is a prime example of how pretty our wedding was!

I was married! I was so busy believe it or not the only picture I had time to snag was of Miss Lily before the whole shebang! And to think she was worried she was not dressed nicely enough. Bah!

here is the ceremony:

19:07] Shalmendo Glineux: I can't see...
[19:07] Shalmendo Glineux: *sing
[19:07] Kal Halberd: i can sing
[19:07] LilyDay Darkstone: dum dum dum
[19:08] LilyDay Darkstone: awwwww
[19:08] Bedlamie Thunders: its okie!
[19:08] EllisDee Welinder: Rikka?
[19:08] EllisDee Welinder: Bedlamie?
[19:08] Bedlamie Thunders: yes?
[19:08] EllisDee Welinder: Are you both ready to get matrimonized?
[19:08] Rikka Koi blushes. "I think so."
[19:09] Bedlamie Thunders: i think so!
[19:09] EllisDee Welinder: Awwww, a blushing beautiful bride
[19:09] Shalmendo Glineux thinks that sounds like a high-tech headling technique
[19:09] EllisDee Welinder: When Bedlamie first asked me to marry her and Rikka it got me to thinking
[19:10] EllisDee Welinder: And today in Caledon chat, someone, I think jokingly said, "A Stranger is a friend you've yet to meet"
[19:10] EllisDee Welinder: Well, when I first met Bedlamie, she was a stranger to me, as many of you gathered here were
[19:10] EllisDee Welinder: Since then, I have gotten to know Bedlamie more and made her a friend
[19:10] EllisDee Welinder: Rikka too
[19:11] EllisDee Welinder: And it is my sincere Pookah pleasure, to be here today to mark an event
[19:11] EllisDee Welinder: A joyous and blessed event whereby they become true partners with each other
[19:11] EllisDee Welinder: And I know, that, as they stand before a chapel full of friends, holding hands
[19:12] EllisDee Welinder: that we are all blessed to witness such a magical event
[19:12] EllisDee Welinder: And I also know that they have some words that they would like to say to each other
[19:12] Bedlamie Thunders: Rikka you go first?
[19:12] EllisDee Welinder: Who would like to go first?
[19:12] EllisDee Welinder: Take it away Rikka
[19:12] Rikka Koi blushes deeply. "Okay."
[19:13] You: Beth, I love you. You are my best friend and will be forever. Today I give myself to you in marriage to be your wife. I promise to encourage you, to laugh with you and to comfort you in times of sorrow. I promise to love you in good times and bad.
[19:13] You: I promise to cherish and respect you. I vow to be true and faithful for as long as we both shall live. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, caring, loving and being there for you in all life has for us.
[19:13] You: I will always be the person that you can trust, talk to and the person that will always understand. I also promise to always save the last cookie for you. I love you, now and forever.
[19:13] Bedlamie Thunders: *purrs and turns deep pink*
[19:13] Lavendar Beaumont smiles
[19:13] Furiae Blackthorne: Awwe.
[19:13] EllisDee Welinder tears up at the cookie comment
[19:13] Nymph Zenith smiles
[19:14] EllisDee Welinder: Bedlamie?
[19:14] LilyDay Darkstone smiles :)
[19:14] Bedlamie Thunders: RIkka ......I love you in all your incarnations
[19:15] Bedlamie Thunders: and I swear that I will always play the achelologist to find the beauty in you in when you think you have none
[19:15] Bedlamie Thunders: i swear that i will spit on people who hurt you and maybe kick them in the shin
[19:15] EllisDee Welinder giggles
[19:15] Rikka Koi feels the tears welling up.
[19:15] Furiae Blackthorne: Right on.
[19:15] LilyDay Darkstone: awww :)
[19:15] Bedlamie Thunders: and i will put your heart back together with bits of glass and trikents like you have for me time and time again
[19:16] Bedlamie Thunders: thank you for everything
[19:16] Rikka Koi cries.
[19:16] Bedlamie Thunders: *snuggles rikka and laugh/cries* Sugar butt dont cry!
[19:17] EllisDee Welinder: Tonight, if you will look up here towards the altar you will notice two individual candles burning seperately
[19:17] Bedlamie Thunders: because if you start to cry i will cry and we all will cry!
[19:17] You: Awww, Beth! Shhhhh! We're being married!
[19:17] Rikka Koi cries and blushes and laughs.
[19:17] EllisDee Welinder: With a candle in between them lit by the same flame of those two individual candles
[19:17] LilyDay Darkstone: :)
[19:18] EllisDee Welinder: Let there be no one to blow them out or tear asunder what pookah has joined together here tonight
[19:18] EllisDee Welinder: And having said that
[19:18] EllisDee Welinder: with the Pookah preacher powers vested in me, the pookah
[19:18] EllisDee Welinder: The Bride may now kiss the Bride
[19:19] LilyDay Darkstone: :)
[19:19] Bedlamie Thunders: *giggles and sniffs alitttle*
[19:19] EllisDee Welinder: and be matrimonized
[19:19] Furiae Blackthorne: yea!
[19:19] Bedlamie Thunders: its gonan be mushy i warn you guys!
[19:19] MaeraLeFey Messmer: Blessed Be
[19:19] Rikka Koi blushes
[19:19] LilyDay Darkstone: :)
[19:19] Lavendar Beaumont: Blessed be :)
[19:19] LilyDay Darkstone: :)
[19:20] LilyDay Darkstone: awwww
[19:20] Bedlamie Thunders: *turns deep red*
[19:20] Shalmendo Glineux lvoes weddings
[19:21] EllisDee Welinder: Go forth now from here in peaceful joy, serenity and the most powerful thing on all the earth and heavens
[19:21] EllisDee Welinder: Love
[19:21] LilyDay Darkstone: :)
[19:21] Demise Slichter roars wildly!
[19:21] EllisDee Welinder: Let's hear it for our brides tonight folks
[19:21] LilyDay Darkstone applauds
[19:21] Morgil Hashi: Woo!
[19:21] MaeraLeFey Messmer smiles warmly
[19:21] LilyDay Darkstone claps like a madwoman
[19:21] Morgil Hashi: /cheer
[19:21] Bedlamie Thunders: *gasp for air* goodness Rikka do you deep sea darhling?
[19:21] Nymph Zenith applauds

and so with that we danced the night away ! yeah! My compy died alittle inside and when i got back on Rikka had went to bed and I found a boy in uniform in my living room! Someone knew what I wanted for my birthday!

A boy in uniform? *swoon*

And he has a nice ride! Pimp!

Try as hard as we might, we never did eat fleshy thing!

He was a very nice bloke by the name of Jake after he drove me around in his steampunk car *swoon* we went and tried to find him shoes! He is a bit new in the world and so I took him to all the newb shops for cheap clothing. Found a troll avatar but no shoes. So we went to a Gor land for the hell of it and was kicked out. After that we went dancing at a Jazz place in our undies but we were kicked out!

We went to a firehouse and saw the most felonious girlie poster ever!

I think I'm pretty damn cute! Here is me waiting for Mr Hawker before we went and pestered some Gor folk. They kicked us out..

And here is us dancing in our undies at a jazz club. They kicked us out too!

Then we went to Paris and danced and saw the tower. I dont really mind seeing it again, I always enjoy it and on the arm of such a fine looking gentleman!

We can be classy too!

This is so amazingly real!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rikka Hearts


Welp, even though some people might consider me "too old" to ask Santa things....but then again those are the same people who tell me I am too old to trick or trick! BAH! Anyways, Nick was very sweet and not at all like Tigger at Disney. He isn't my favorite mascot ever sadly, because Robin Hood kissed my hand and bowed to me!

I caught a fish this big!!

Kal, the poor power ranger who has the misfortune of being madly in love with me, made a Kurt Cobain av. So I put on my best Courtney Love look and we took pictures in my super favorite picture place ever. I think it is a pretty good av but the hair needs some work and he has no hips!

Even though Rikka gets kinda crazy at christmas time, nothing could stop my love for her!

I stopped by Rikka's and came across her beating the shit out of a huge angel crapping snowflakes. I don't blame her it was all kinds of terrible. She decided that we needed to run away from it on her two seater Vespa (omg that makes my indie panties shimmy!) and ride off into the sunset, ala Thelma and Louise!

Baby I love you and I am sad neither of us got to sex up Chris O'Donnell or Christen Bale..

As she started that little motor, I kissed her cheek and held on tight! So far so good! I have to mention I though she looked a bit like Rizzo from Grease who is one of my favorite actresses Stockrad Channing!


Rez Plz?!?!

And just like in WoW, I ended up in a grave yard. Folks, this is what happens when you fall in love with a sexy rogue. You end up being goth in a graveyard while she vanishes.

I'm so beat! Hold me Rikka!

I wasn't really mad though, and so we snuggled all happy in a castle at Relic! Dying really tuckers you out. More mead over here please! So we had to dress up fancy and buy me rugs for the floor.

Rikka is so pretty that this picture is BEFORE photoshop!

We sat on some lovely mushrooms that were only three prims! THREE PRIMS! That is nuts!
But not nearly as nuts as how pretty Rikka is before photoshop folks! BEFORE PHOTOSHOP! I mean I could touch it up, but seriously you think it needs it? Pas!