Thursday, November 29, 2007

ice princess

today is a lazy day.

rikka took me to this place and i gots lots of neat stuff. morgil wore a dress!

okie time for my favorite fairytale.

once upon a time, there was a young young princess who was always very sick. her parents bundled her in heavy blankets and kept the cold winter's wind out but she just become sicker and sicker. she never gained any weight and everything about her was brittle and dry. she had a tutor and he was a very sweet fellow and he fell in love with her. one day, while they were going over their lessons the girl looked longing out at the snow. sensing a great lesson the young tutor opened the window a crack and suddenly the girl's eyes flew opened wide and she raced out the room ..down the steps and began to strip dancing in the snow. the tutor realized she was an ice princess and sent for her parents. they were delighted to see her, for being in her true element she had rosy cheeks and steady breathing and was dancing in the snow as if it were may.

the tutor continued his lessons with the ice princess but soon she grew into the age to marry. many suitors came from all the land bringing many things but the presents that intrigued her most was tiny circles of glass with entire worlds crafted inside. one small ball had an entire jungle of animals while another had the heaven and earth clashing. as soon as princess saw these she knew she had to meet the man who made them. he was a lesser prince who came from nation of craftsman but their speciality was glass blowing in the hot furances and deep in the earth. as soon as the prince and the ice princess meet they loved one another, and the kingdom shared a great festivial. their wedding night was a bit more peculiar than others, and where ever he touched her he left burn marks from his heat.

however, she was an ice princess that needed the cold and the snow and he knew nothing but fire and heat so he had his best craftsman form her the most lovely place of ice high in the mountains. they had to live separate but each longed for the time when they would see the other next. of their unions together, two children were born. the daughter a girl of the ice and thus kept her mother company and the son so hot he nearly burned himself out of his mothers womb and went to live with his father. each pair would visit the other often but could not stay because of the tempature of their natures. but all lived contentedly and a bit happy.

i found this story in a book at the library in laporte. i do not remember who wrote it. i have no idea even what the book looks like. but i swear whoever wrote that wrote it for me. i suppose there was a time i used to feel like that ice princess but im getting older now and magic is a bit hard to come by.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

In any incarnation, Rikka is always my Hot Wife! WOOT!

[15:13] Rikka Koi: "Yes, I am glad she showed you. I, the spirit of Beowulf's Hot Wife, have been trapped inside this hair, waiting for release." says Beowulf's Hot Wife.
[15:14] You: "ARRRG I SMOLDER WITH GENERIC RAGE!," says Beowolf who is looking at his hot wife.
[15:14] Rikka Koi: "Oh, Beowulf! You are but a man, and as such, flawed, but you are a hero nonetheless, and I love you!" says Beowulf's Hot Wife.
[15:15] Rikka Koi: "Oh, Beowulf, your souldering generic rage makes my panties dance!" says Beowulf's Hot Wife.
[15:15] You: "Oh wife, how can one be flawed with so much muscle?"
[15:15] Rikka Koi: "That is the tragedy and the curse of Beowulf, my love. You must look past your biceps and see the deeper meaning of life!"
[15:16] You: "Why, I could rip a man in twine with my very hands! Is that not enough?" Beowulf sighs a hearty sigh of sadness.
[15:17] You: "Look here wife I bring out Lord Tacopuss to comfort you!"
[15:17] Rikka Koi: "Alas, poor husband, it is not. First you must learn to keep it in your pants when demon milfs come calling!"
[15:18] You: "Now now don't make a fuss about that! What about nude painting you did before we meet eh? " Beowuld rubs Lord Tacopuss affectionatly.
[15:19] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife sighs. "Art and sticking your member in something coughed up from the bowels of hell are two different things, and you know it!"
[15:19] You: Beowulf remember fondly. "You look so lovely in that painting I knew then that all sucubus in all the land could not compare to you! "
[15:20] Rikka Koi blushes a little.
[15:20] Rikka Koi: "That does not change the fact that your manhood is tainted with evil!"
[15:21] You: Beowulf gestures to Lord Tacopuss, "Would you want to fight and upset the cat? He's been through enough. "
[15:22] Rikka Koi: "You and that silly cat! What about me? All you ever did care for was pussy, pussy, pussy!" Beowulf's Hot Wife buries her face in her hands.
[15:23] You: Beowulf becomes confused. "Hot Wife, how can you say that? I slaughtered a dozen mythical creatures just for you! I saved your land and I killed that unicorn for you when you preggers! Do you know how hard it was to find a unicorn?"
[15:24] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife sobs hysterically, causing a scene.
[15:25] You: Beowulf winces. "Listen Hot Wife, I did not mean to upset you! You are my pussy cat! Those ladies meant nothing!"
[15:25] Rikka Koi: "Now you've gone and told everyone that I ate a Unicorn! I WAS PREGNANT!"
[15:25] You: Beowulf shrugs. "It was only that one time....besides the other time!"
[15:25] Rikka Koi: "You just like to stick it in every girl you see! You're horrid!"
[15:26] You: "But...but its what I do! I'm a man! I dont know how to do anything else! You know I didn't have a good father figure growing up!"
[15:27] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife sniffles.
[15:27] You: Beowulf sighs deeply. "Is there anything I could that would make you feel better? I am sorry I have hurt you!"
[15:28] Rikka Koi: "You could stop having sex with ancient demonic forces!"
[15:28] You: Beowulf grins from ear to ear. "Hot Wife! I know just the thing! "
[15:28] You: It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
[15:28] You: If the way is hazy...
[15:28] You: You gotta do the cooking by the book
[15:28] Rikka Koi: ROFL
[15:28] You: You know you can't be lazy!
[15:28] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife remembers why she fell in love with him.
[15:29] You: Beowulf grins. "There, there hot wife! Now may I have a hug?"
[15:29] Bedlamie gives Rikka a big hug.
[15:29] Rikka Koi: "Oh, incredibly tall and handsome Beowulf!"
[15:29] You: Beowolf checks out Truely's tushie a bit.
[15:30] Rikka Koi bursts into tears.
[15:30] Rikka Koi: *Beowulf's Hot Wife bursts into tears.
[15:30] Rikka Koi admits her tears are those of hysterical laughter.
[15:30] You: Beowulf becomes confused. "What did I do? Do you want me to slaughter another unicorn?"
[15:30] Rikka Koi: "No, you big brute! Will you stop saying that in public?!"
[15:31] You: Beowolf nods. "Thats fine! Don't worry about her she looks a bit meaty!"
[15:31] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife sighs.
[15:32] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife is resigned to having a husband who will stick his member in anything.
[15:32] You: Beowulf pats his Hot Wife's head. "My dearheart, but I will always come home to you!"
[15:33] Rikka Koi: "Aye, and who knows what you bring home with you. Have you ever wondered why I sleep in a seperate bed? Or why it burns when you piss?"
[15:33] You: Beowulf thinks.
[15:33] You: ((this will be a while))
[15:34] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife shakes her head.
[15:34] Rikka Koi: "Forget about it, my Lord."
[15:35] You: Beowulf scratches his head. "Okie..... so wanna go home and knock the dust out of the sheep skins?"
[15:36] Rikka Koi: "Aye, but only after a few drinks, my lord, when your mighty python is at the penacle of his strength."
[15:36] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife has played this game many times before.
[15:37] You: Beowulf laughs. "For all my flaws at least I am not hung like Grendel."
[15:38] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife pinches the bridge of her nose and closes her eyes, obviously frustrated, not that the oblivious Beowulf would ever notice.
[15:38] You: Beowulf casually tilts his head back to glimpse Ocean's ass.
[15:38] You: "What is all this witchcraft with people disappearing and reappearing?"
[15:39] Rikka Koi: "My Lord, I am sure I do not know. Shall we have a few drinks and retire?"
[15:39] You: Beowulf grins. "Where by the gods are we? Why are all the women scantily dressed and why dont you dress like that?"
[15:40] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife bows her head, ashamed for her husband's roving eyes.
[15:40] Rikka Koi: "I should not be so shameless as all that, to dress like a harlot, Beowulf!"
[15:40] You: Beowulf nods. "Let us go and you dress up like Dianeya and do that dance you did at our wedding!"
[15:40] Rikka Koi: "Aye, my Lord. But first, the mead! You know it makes you mighty in bed."
[15:41] You: "Ah, yes the mead!" Beowolf smacks his lips.
[15:41] Rikka Koi: Beowulf's Hot Wife leads the way.

please dont point out my spellos!

This is my new favorite video! Enjoy!

Your are a big kitty!

maybe i can ride him like in the neverending story..
I haven't been wandering much lately so today will be a lazy post.

I am looking at neat ZeFrank stuff. I found current corresponding pictures and tales to regale you! Theses video maked me so happy and little sad... but this next video is not zefrank but it is good!

Dr Lev tells boys how to act

Of all the pictures I've taken, this one seems the most awkward. I disliked being a boy.
Ze posted a very neat piece from a boy named Dave ( theses are the Daves I know) called the male condition.
Here is me as a boy and my little tiny alt. I also picked up a cool av for a troll from Grendel's Children but when i went to go to the main store i could not find it.

poor Kal gets no love. It's not Morgil's fault all the ladies love him though..
This is me, Morgil, and Kal. Kal is a power ranger I picked up in Gotham. We are snuggling for warmth, because it is freaking freezing here! I seem to have lost my inner yankee but I'm glad I'm not alone.
aww hes from Michigan!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

hipsterette photobooth love

happy turkey day!

Ahh ha what is this now? ........Throw up the horns! and I just noticed you can see me undies! i'm glad they are clean

today i found a photobooth and granny glasses in sl and a cool knit sweater! i also made mashed potatoes from super scratch and drank some sangria! my indie powers feel strong today...too bad i didnt go bowling...

Bang Bang! .....STFU! ....and blowing a kiss or yawning....

the turkey is working its magic sleepyness on me so i will just post pictures from the wonder that is the photo booth....

don't want to go to work tomorrow with belly aches...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yes the title is wonky but it really is the name of a shop. Well a huge island of awesome...but first!

DINOSAURS! and fence that will shock you!

Ride it like you stole it! After being caught "riding dirty"..... which I'm not really sure what that means

I found a park..a Jurassic Park one might say...where dinosaurs came alive and were ridden by Raptor men. They had a "prettiest dinosaur" contest where i was slated to judge but i was able to so because i thought honestly they were all beautiful.

And I have found my awsner to what I am getting everyone for Christmas.

SL shopping list goes as:
Mr. Enoch: Monkey
Starting a revolution with monkeys: Priceless

cutest avatar ever? hells yes! a skate park that made me sad it is not Tuesday...and me pretending to be a troll.

Me? I want a cat avatar! I only put a few pictures up because the place was too damn big to blog. Though it is quickly becoming my favorite place because I could buy a billy goat (true story!) and hide under the bridge and recreate my baby brother's favorite bedtime tale.

There is a cobra behind this head that scared the bejesus out of me.

Also? Random Easter Island heads and king cobras..... And I had the pleasure of meeting the Big Boss of LOLO...a tiny chain smoking kitty. She was extremely sweet and nice and I hope that it came across how much I really liked her island. In all honestly, I can not remember speaking to a more pleasant land baron in a random encounter. Mostly you get a "Oh thanks, I have to go.." but she purred a lot and did not seem bothered by my small questions. Here is a painting she made that I also want for Christmas.

Every time I said "BIG BOSS" in my head I could not stop thinking about Kill Bill.

Please do not shake!

I went hunting for snakes for James and found one in a snow globe. Poor thing.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

mash mush mosh

Lets start out with a pretty gal, eh?

Here is Rikka when she thinks she looks like a hooker but i think shes pretty!

Here is a hodgepodge of things I have done lately..

My baby brother James who was wearing a silly shirt and Ellis's pretty roses!

My brother came to visit. We look nothing alike but I assure you we came from the same mom. He really liked me house, and startled me with deducting that it was a pre made house! I was very proud of him because he conducted himself in a very proper manner and his spelling is getting better! I wish I could say the same. I should find him a lizard to wear in game much like his beloved Ozzy. Actually today I think I will hunt for dinosaurs as well.

And Ellis put up a very lovely display of red roses at the Oddy!

A door to another world! Mr Glineux looking very smashing! a vipers nest which great terrified and entralled me

Yesterday night in the wee hours after meeting LillyDay and Mister Sinsiter and Shalmendo Glineux, I went traveling through time with Mr Glineux. He lives in a closet in the theatre which is very cozy . We drank blueberry tea and chatted about the fine inventors in Caledon well mainly Mr Enoch until he showed me a grand surprise! A time machine that is such a clever thing it knows to disguse itself. We went to the future where we saw tons of neat sculptures and I got to nap on someone's balcony. We even saw a jump gate from stargate and meet a vampire woman in a little clothes in the snow.

It is colorcoated for better understanding...and bat hugs! Huzzah!

Mr Glineux is working working on his own time machine with is a tad bit hush hush but I convinced him using the powers of cuteness to let me take a picture. Then he suddenly became a very affectionate large bat bloke! He had to skiddale and I had to snuggle Pete and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


joni mitchell

The wind is in from africa
Last night I couldnt sleep
Oh, you know it sure is hard to leave here carey
But its really not my home
My fingernails are filthy, I got beach tar on my feet
And I miss my clean white linen and my fancy french cologne

Oh carey get out your cane
And Ill put on some silver
Oh youre a mean old daddy, but I like you fine

Come on down to the mermaid cafe and I will buy you a bottle of wine
And well laugh and toast to nothing and smash our empty glasses down
Lets have a round for these freaks and these soldiers
A round for these friends of mine
Lets have another round for the bright red devil
Who keeps me in this tourist town

Come on, carey, get out your cane
Ill put on some silver
Oh youre a mean old daddy, but I like you

Maybe Ill go to amsterdam
Or maybe Ill go to rome
And rent me a grand piano and put some flowers round my room
But lets not talk about fare-thee-welis now
The night is a starry dome.
And theyre playin that scratchy rock and roll
Beneath the matalla moon

Come on, carey, get out your cane
And Ill put on some silver
Youre a mean old daddy, but I like you

The wind is in from africa
Last night I couldnt sleep
Oh, you know it sure is hard to leave here
But, its really not my home
Maybe its been too long a time
Since I was scramblin down in the street
Now they got me used to that clean white linen
And that fancy french cologne

Oh carey, get out your cane
Ill put on my finest silver
Well go to the mermaid cafe
Have fun tonight
I said, oh, youre a mean old daddy, but youre out of sight

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I once mauled a man just to watch him die!

Been so busy with a wandering, I'm a gonna have to mush wandering together.

Rikka and I almost made the above bloke our pet! He was pretty! The other bloke with the WOW Question mark did not have any quests for me. And even as a zombie, Rikka could still stop a man's heart..with her beauty!

Friday night the new zombie wasteland sim is a big hit recently so Rikka, X, Morgil, and I all went and played as infected hot zombies and dogs. Since we are old hat at working as a team, we were really doing good until the huds broke. We then ran around trying to find the perfect place for a zombie orgy but if we were going to have an orgy I needed to buy silks! This delayed things a bit and we didn't have a place for it. X suggested the Oddy but then almost everyone went offline.

Me and Rikka Sitting in a Tree! K I S S I N G! Eric, Liz, and I actually sitting in a tree! And Mr Abel and his meat!

But twas fine because me and Rikka explored this Japanese sim and found the best freebie ever! It is the love child of Thor's hammer and hello kitty! We ran around bonking each other and having a great time! Rikka was tired and went off the bed when Liz got on, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was just letting me have some time with Liz. She is an excellent wife! I cannot wait till our joining of souls and knickers on December 10. My birthday is five days after that too....

Liz's boytoy Eric got on and we hung out near this really neat tree just like the one Ellis has! Eric left because he may be in the land of the rising sun but he still has a crap computer. Liz also was able to meet Mr Abel...who let us throw his meat. We called it a good night and then...

Ellis grew a beard! The next picture is where Ellis was using me as bait for the Joker while we blatantly disregarded posted signs! and last but not least Ellis doing his best William Shatner "Rocket Man"

Yesterday I spent all day with my favorite person Ellis! Huzzah! I've lost my cat Dee and I was going to sim to sim to find her and bumped into him explaining to some people he had bats in his belfry! I figure the cat will come back so we had a parade with his pet elephant Nellie. Then we went to a party but we were way too overdressed and decided that it was better to crash a party underdressed and left.

We booked it over to the Gotham City Sim because Ellis is a huge fan of Batman. We actually meet Cyborg, Nightwing and the Dark Knight himself. That sim has two batmans! I suppose Batman is like Jesus or more importantly Santa and can be multiple places at once. The Joker had kidnapped Robin and well I hate to say it but Bruce didn't seem to eager to go get Robin. A lover's spat? I kid, I kid! We pawed through Wayne Manor but we were never able to find the batcave. Oh local villain told us that one Batman had a lair and the other didn't. I found this utterly funny and kinda sad. I've been there once but of course because I wanted to show it to someone, I couldn't find it!

Then I gave an official tour of my house and after stopping at the local theater and after talking about top five lists we went sailing. We ran into some surfers...almost literally.. and we boogalooed on the beach until really wee hours of the night.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Those crazy asians....

Most of the images below were found in a Japanese sim! Hurray for the land of the rising sun!

This is what Japan thinks is normal..a snowman doing karaoke with deer with cacti in the foreground.....For five seconds I considered getting Ellis the speedos as a joke but then my brain started to work again! I love that tree though..

Boxxy Brown from Aqua Team, a buffalo from the plains, and a mech man from god knows where! All lovingly and well rendered!

Static tvs scare me... but I adore this couch! And its so damn cheap! Check out my cute my new look! My new mission in life is to regrow out my hair so it looks like this and to find my old wool socks and rock this look in real life!

Tomorrow me and Rikka are going to be hot zombies! While it makes me sad that Ellis or Mr Enoch might shoot me on site, I relish the thought of lunging at people! Rwar!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thunders Estates!

It was a very busy day on Sunday! I had no idea just how insane renting land on a massive scale with a bunch of people who talk in Victorian terms could be! It was a delicate dance of having to greet the person, ask them about the weather, and ask them if they had land before you could get even an inch out of them if they had seen your tiny tiny box. Rikka came and was a god send because she found my plot, she helped fix my house and helped me insult the rezfu box when I felt dumb about not hearing about it. Then Aurora came on and we went shopping for freebie things until she had to go and not a minute later Liz came on and we had a very nice long talk ....Then a pink fox and a priest wandered by and asked if they could come in. It always throws me off balance because I've never thought of shutting people OUT of my house least not in such a social game. Later they made me a sister! I think they were mostly impressed with my barren house and my pink hair.

I started to fiddle around with photoshop and I made Rikka a present.. I have much grander ambitions but cannot tell them for fear it will ruin the surprise. I was very sad I missed Guy Faulkes Day because Ellis talked about something "going down" and "tin titles" and "manure" all very hush hush. I have not seen him recently so I hope he was not thrown in the brink or worse yet used for a glory hand.

And I came home to metal flowers which made my day! After smelling them and oiling them a little, I made sure to WD 40 them so they will stay pretty in the winter..