Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That poor raccoon..

a very true story:

today in second life i work up at the hobo's house.. now its not really a hobo house as it is a futuristic train link. there was a asleep or dead hobo on the ground but one can never really know. eek. X bought me a new very nice maid dress which i went on a stocking hunt for, but did not find anything suitable. I did however get some shorts which i have wanted for awhile. Next shopping trip me and Rikka are going to look for something nice for Furi as a treat for her. But it will be a task to find something the both she likes and does not have or know about yet. SL tiki gods be with us in our quest. then I kicked it with my main squeeze Rikka and Furi. they showed me this game that reminds me of second life in second life. from what i can tell you play musical chairs with land and hope to acquire land from other people. Aurora from work jumped on and unnewbed herself. I was so suprised I forgot to take pictures! then this im storm swarmed in, and broke my computer. so i had a very long and good for the soul talk with Rikka and Morgil and afterwords I took this above picture just for Morgil. I hope if he ever is sad, he will think about that time my dad hit this raccoon. And how I never let him forget at the spot about the raccoon until like a year later when he flipped out because I talked about it every day for like a year....

Actually I hope both Rikka and Morgil feel that way. I think of them every day, and god forbid we ever break up I will still think about them as we pass that spot that we parted ways.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Why can't we all just get along?

okie so while Rikka was doing her thing, i made it my job to keep the boys out of her hair---- i mean hang out with them yeah!
since Rikka lives on a beautiful beach.... i put on my best suit and ears and we had a nice little pow wow...
Our dear friend randy decided that he would go naked. But he was lacking the most basic of male parts needed to fix cars or open jars. A penis.

Suddenly Randy has a slong! He's a witch! burn him! He can make genital appear and dis spear..

All i can say is that looks like it would chaft alot... sadly randy just left his meat and potatoes out for everyone to see! i mean, we cant take him anywhere like that! well we could take him to a brothel but thats nither here nor there.. so Rikka kicked him off her land. honestly the large broughtworst did scare me a bit.... only because it seemed discolored. I hope he is okie and not suffering from bird flu of the boy flute.

damn hobos and being so easily forgotten i did not feed them yet again! i am a bad hobo mistress!

The Blonde from Japan

Yesterday right before I was about to go to bed, Usagi chan came on! So we had to unnewb her right....we talked a bit and she picked up alot of things really quick like dance balls, bald wigs.. and opening boxes. im almost so proud i want to cry. We mostly hung out at old turtle hermit Khon's house, mostly because he a hermit but also so that Liz could get a grip on changing clothes and not showing her naughty bits. She is the one in the cute black and green ensamble. Not bad for her first day huh?

So Khon took pictures of him and his lady friend and I even sat in and allowed a shot of me in a bikini. Is it wrong to love my own avater butt? if so, i don't wanna be right.

As a "shut the hell up and leave me alone" present, Khon also got me a mechinacal leg. I found a mechanical heart in a shop by another Caledonian but I was hoping for something more along the lines of what I have now.

Again I forgot to feed the hobos... but they have alot of stew so i'm sure they will be fine.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Grand Old Brand New Oddy!

it was an event to be had at Ellis's Oddy. So you know I totally forgot to take any pictures. Mostly eveyone seemed to have a ton of fun. My trivia game went bumpy because the lag was ungodly and I accidently did not notice someone. I felt bad! He was such a turd about it too! So i took this photo just for him! Oh and Furi preposed to Ellis! Does one hear the funeral dirge?

Here is my girl Rikka in all her finest nothing! It is a sight to behold, my friend!

Below I have a secondlife comparableness! Look at the horrible creature on the top? Tannerific, misshapen and horrible. Below, you have Rikka who is so lovely and soft you want to snuggle her! It is no wonder that the horrible thing that dare call itself a sim has been attacking Rikka. She sees Rikka and realizes how horrible she completely, so she has to take Rikka out! Women! Luckly, Rikka has some totally sweet people helping her out with this freakshow. El Chupacabra Women is also a man, and has put these huge walls surrounding Rikka's shop. This totally pissed off the good bloggers at Fashion Victim .......I wouldn't be suprised if we found that dried up Jerky Strip dismembered in a SL cornfield.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Metal Heart

because real life woke me up at 5 am, i had a very busy second life today. from a generous donor, i was able to buy metal bits! and i saw this damn neat spitfire at a shop. also, my plan of making the hobos love me and let me be a hobo two is in phase one... get them used to me. i was told by the only one ive talked to that "no i was not annoying" ...hahaha! its working!

i also talked to mr enoch and roy..and meet x's friend pixie who reminds me of cotton candy and a tornado. rikka is still hurting in many ways..from a griefer who surrounded her shop to her still hurting feet. I also meet a writer of a fashion blog named Furi. She is small but fierce!

it was funny but randomly i aqquired all the pieces to make an homage to Vash from Trigun. well except the huge coat.. I even have on a skin with a mole under the eye like him. Ahh Vash....... okie sleep time now

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I often forget things I don't write down so I thought I would make a small blog for myself for Secondlife.

Today I helped Mr. Enoch and Mr. Ellis kill zombies and meet a hobo!

I really like the hobo camp. I meet a young code poet but he left before I could take a picture of him.